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How to find a sponsor or Thai escort cheap

Bangkok Sideline Girls With Big Tits

Now that I’ve abused the hell out of this site it’s time to let VIP members in on a secret. This website that I’m going to introduce to you is how I’m able to find girls who are low on money and need someones help. These girls are willing to do most anything you want, […]

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Viagra Girl Escort VIP Service

Viagra Girls

There’s one thing I like it’s good service. And for the girls over at Bangkok Escort they know about service! These days you can get an escort in Bangkok about the same price or cheaper than a high quality soapy massage. While I do the occasional soapy, It’s really annoying to have to get somewhere and […]

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Thai Dek Sideline Girls

Dek Sideline Girls In Thailand

In Thai, the phrase “Dek Sideline” pronounced “Deg Sy-lie” is a young girl (Dek meaning child) in Thai (great for google search) is เด็กไซด์ไลน์, is typically in her last year of high school, university girls, and Thai girls who have recently graduated and are looking for a job or currently in a low paid job […]

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