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Topless Girl at Central Festival Pattaya

topless girl at central festival pattaya

Photo of a topless half/thai girl at Central Festival Pattaya is going viral on Facebook as Thai’s continue to discuss the moral issue. Even though it is illegal to be naked in public it’s barely punishable most people getting a max 1000 baht fine. My own opinion “a bit of harmless fun”.

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Pattaya VIP Party Photos

Pattaya VIP Party

For the four lucky guys who come to the party a few quickly snapped up the bar fines there were a few guys who made use of the Mile High Rooms. Big thanks to the guys who came but a bigger thanks to all the other VIP members who have made this site what it [...]

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Big collection of Pattaya and Philippine Porn

pattaya porn photos

Any red blooded Farang who comes to Thailand dreams of seeing and bedding hundreds of slim young Thai girls, but what you can’t always get you can always view in this huge collection of Thai and Philippine porn. Hundreds of images from solo, threesomes, sex acts and more.

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Thai Girls Gone Wild

Thai girls gone wild

Here are some videos from this guy Hans from Germany who likes to video tape his exploits in Thailand. It’s not explicit but I’m sure this guy has his own personal collection of videos I’m sure many would love to see. Pattaya Gone Wild is something a lot of people want to live, this guy [...]

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Thai Girl Of The Month Thai School Girl

Thai School Girl

Not long to go until Songkran hope you’ve figured out what you are going to do for the holiday or for some of you and likely me curl up at home and escape the madness actually I’m still undecided. This week I have a shoot with a gorgeous young Thai girl goes by the name [...]

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Thai Girl Of The Month Nook

Thai Girl of the month 2013

Some real interesting stuff for you this month, first there is Nook 23y/o hotty who loves guns any guys out there wanna show her your gun? Then there is my Trip to Khon Kaen recently and my recommendation for accommodations. I also found the coolest gadget you have to check out and of course the [...]

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Best short time love hotels in Chiang Mai

short time hotels chiang mai

Have you ever been to a short time hotel in Thailand? While Bangkok has the most love hotels available, Chiang Mai has the most easily accesible ones and you can simply drive up to them on a little scooter with a girl on the back. I’ve been to almost all of the them and while [...]

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The Sexiest Thai Girl of 2012

Biggest Tits for Thai girl in 2012

She might not be the hottest Thai girl on your radar but for me she has to be the hottest Thai girl of 2012. Undoubtably you have different tastes than I do so if you don’t think she is the sexiest that’s ok, you might like chicks with tats, darker skin, maybe even the isaan [...]

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Thai Girls of the Month – November

It’s been a while since I’ve done the photo shoots because the Karaoke parties have been more popular but since this month I’ll be out of town I’ve done a few shoots with some girls and a super hot chick from the Motor show! There’s also my favourite song and movie of the week and [...]

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Photos of the October Karaoke Party

karaoke party in Chiang mai

Every few months I’ll have a Karaoke party. First it started out as me then maybe a friend or two now it’s pretty much open to everyone who wants to come along and of course if your a VIP member you get a discount. Last months party I had a lot of problems as 3 [...]

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Karaoke Coyote Party Photos

party in Thailand

Our last party 2 days ago which also coincided with my birthday (only a few days late) was one of the better parties we’ve had this year and if you weren’t there then you really missed out! But don’t worry I’m sure there will be another one soon. If you want the best experience become [...]

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Thai girl photoshoot for August 2012 – Candy

Welcome to the first edition of the new Thai girl of the month edition. This new version has the girl wearing different clothes or should I say lack of clothes. You can view the web version of the photos by clicking on the smaller preview images or if you like click on the download links [...]

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Thai Girl of the Week – Som

Sexy Thai girl

This weeks Thai girl is Som she’s super sweet lots of fun and loves her shoes. I like any chick in heels and the shoes she picked for this weeks spread made me drool, what do you guys think? Like? This is going to be the last of this kind of shoots for the Thai [...]

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