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Thai Girls of the Month – November

It’s been a while since I’ve done the photo shoots because the Karaoke parties have been more popular but since this month I’ll be out of town I’ve done a few shoots with some girls and a super hot chick […]

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karaoke party in Chiang mai

Photos of the October Karaoke Party

Every few months I’ll have a Karaoke party. First it started out as me then maybe a friend or two now it’s pretty much open to everyone who wants to come along and of course if your a VIP member […]

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party in Thailand

Karaoke Coyote Party Photos

Our last party 2 days ago which also coincided with my birthday (only a few days late) was one of the better parties we’ve had this year and if you weren’t there then you really missed out! But don’t worry […]

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Thai girl photoshoot for August 2012 – Candy

Welcome to the first edition of the new Thai girl of the month edition. This new version has the girl wearing different clothes or should I say lack of clothes. You can view the web version of the photos by […]

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Sexy Thai girl

Thai Girl of the Week – Som

This weeks Thai girl is Som she’s super sweet lots of fun and loves her shoes. I like any chick in heels and the shoes she picked for this weeks spread made me drool, what do you guys think? Like? […]

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Thai Girls of the Week for Football Lovers

The Thai girl of the week has been slow to come out as I am building the new VIP members area. I’m currently finishing up 2 new books that will be helpful to anyone concidering moving to Thailand and even […]

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Thai girl of the week

Thai girl of the week – Pom

I’ve been really busy this week working on the members only section of the website. For those of you have been reading the blog for a while now you’ll know the kind of information that is available here that you […]

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Regular Chiang Mai Girl

Regular Chiang Mai Girl

Lot of the better looking Chiang Mai girls all seem to look the same could be genetics but I think a lot has to do with the way they make themselves up. The regular Chiang Mai girl won’t be found […]

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Sexy cute Thai girl

Thai girl of the week – Seewa

This girls Thai girl of the week has been featured here before but you know I’m not apposed to having a girl the second time round either in fact it can be more fun 🙂 If you arn’t pulling girls […]

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Sweet Thai Girl

Thai Girl of the week – Pae

This weeks Thai girl of the week is so cute! Pae is a sweet 22y/o from Chiang Rai enjoys nights out at Monkey with her friends and at 165cm and 50kg she’s single but doesn’t like the dating sites, she […]

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Thai girl of the week – Natt in Bikini

This past month I’ve been super lazy so havn’t really done a Thai girl for a while, this week is Natt she’s tall pretty and looks great in a Bikini, I wonder if you can guess where it is? You […]

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Thai girl of the week

Thai girl of the week – Pu Pair

There have been a number of changes to the blog lately first thing is the only way to read this post is by becoming a member. The reason for this change is to hopefully increase readership as most people come […]

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Thai Girl of the week Da DA

Thai Girl Of The Week – Da Da

The past week has been a little crazy and I haven’t had much luck lately but am determined not to get down about it. A bout of food poisoning and a string of bad luck stories at the go go […]

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Thai Girls of the Week Bo and JJ

Sonkran is still going on in Pattaya tomorrow the 19th is the last big day of the water here and most businesses close. All the go-gos will be closed too which probably explains why there are few tourists in Pattaya […]

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Thai Girl of the week Ploy

Thai girl of the week – Ploy

If you want to know what a good Thai girl looks like then take a look at this weeks Thai girl of the week. Not model material or anything but a really choice girl anyone would be happy to have, […]

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Thai girl of the week See Wa

Thai girl of the week – See Wa

Everything is pretty much dead in Pattaya and word from Chiang Mai is the same. Sure businesses complain about the lack of tourists but for everyone else a bit of normalcy and less tourists around is better, I love this […]

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