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Thai Girl of the Week: Bop

It's been a while but we're starting up again! I had stopped doing this Thai girl of the week newsletter it's been off and on for years now but as you'll read in my next post. I really hadn't had the time. As I searched around some of the other bloggers in Thailand looks like they too had taken my original idea for the Thai girl of the week....then made it shit. Seriously one large Bangkok blogger shows a girl that says she's in her 20's but looks like she's in her 50's. Another blogger just shows whores and while I got nothin against whores they rarely if ever can compete against real good looking Thai girls and isn't that the point of the Thai girl of the week/month series to show a decent looking girl? Well the two chicks in this months version are for guys who like their girls to come with assets..enjoy.

Thai girl of the week: Bop

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Gadget of the week: Samsung S5

Samsung's latest phone, the S5, also turns out to be the ultimate phone for Thailand, specifically Songkran! If only it would have debued a few weeks earlier. The S5 is one of the first mainstream phones to be water resistant. This technology allows you to use the phone in the shower, bathtub, at your swimming pool, at the beach, and, best of all, during the Songkran festival! No need to buy cheap phone protectors and worry about your phone getting wet, or trying to take crappy pictures through the cheap plastic. The S5 is obviously a great phone for so many other reasons, its arguably the best phone on the market right now. It is the water resistant capabilities that make it the ultimate phone for Thailand though. A must have.


Destination of the week: The Roof Top Bar, Baiyoke Sky Hotel

If you havent been to Baiyoke Sky Hotel, you are truly missing out. It really is one of the best destinations in Bangkok, a must see if you are staying in the city. Baiyoke Sky Hotel offers one of the most reasonably priced international buffets in Bangkok, but what makes it unique is the view! You can get an ourdoor balcony table for around 700 baht (last time I was there). After your buffet dinner you can hit the Roof Top Bar for some drinks before you go whoring around the city. Read More -->>
Baiyoke Roof Top Bar

Thailand book of the week: Thailand's Sickest

This is expat Mike Fook's first book. Thailand's Sickest is set in Patong Beach just after the Boxing Day Tsunami. The lead character is Dr. Justin Baker, an American Psychologist who is on vacation in Phuket and joins in the tsunami relief effort. Dr. Baker finds a dead German guy on the beach still wearing his backpack. When Dr. Baker checks his backpack he finds that its full of horrid pictures. He then begins a surprise journey that leads him into the heart of darkness.

Movie of the week: Transcendence

While I'm not a huge Johnny Depp fan, and the movie is getting just average reviews, I think it is a must see for sci fi fans, and also tech fans alike.

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