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Thai Girl of the week

Thai girl of the week:

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Gadget of the Week: Powered Pilot 2GS Portable Charger

Poweradd Pilot 2GS Here is a little piece of technology you have probably never thought of owning. A portable USB charger. A portable charger really is a must have device in Thailand. You have to have a phone in Thailand. God knows what can happen to you here, where you can get stranded, who might lock you up.... What are you going to do if your phone is dead? I'm telling you, a portable phone charger will save you countless times. At 10,000 mAh, its about 4-5 times more powerful than your current phone battery so you should get a minimum of 3 full charges out of it, which can add a few days of battery life for you. Honestly, don't leave home without one.

Destination of the Week: Paiviengfah Resort

Paiviengfah Resort

Paiviengfah Resort is located in the tiny town of Pai, about 3 hours southwest of Chiang Mai. Pai has started to become a popular destination over the last 2 or 3 years for backpackers looking to get away from the major cities but now is a great time to visit because of all this political drama has scared away most of the tourists. There are a lot of outdoorsy things to do in Pai... Hiking to waterfalls, visiting the hot springs, checking out the elephant camps. Its a nice place to get away and grab some clean air in the mountains. Paiviengfah Resort is currently 50% off and it wont last much longer.

Book of the Week: Thai Love Course

Thai Beginners

The majority of foreigners staying in Thailand are not able to speak even basic Thai. In most cases they don’t make any efforts to studying Thai at all because they are told that it is just “too difficult”. This is not true, in fact learning Thai is easier than learning Western languages like English, French or German.

The only real challenge during the beginning of your Thai language studies is to getting used to the five tones (low, mid, high, falling and rising) as well as to the other two elements of pronouncing words correctly: the vowel length and the pronunciation of the final consonant.

The other group of foreigners that do want to make some effort on learning Thai fail simply because they have trouble in finding a suitable learning method. Being a foreigner myself and having studied the Thai language for several years I know exactly how an easy to use and efficient Thai beginner’s book should be written and structured.

The Thai Beginner’s Course is not just the most efficient but also the most practical English textbook available.

Movie of the Week: 22 Jump Street

The last 2 or 3 months has been nothing but huge blockbuster 200 million dollar action movies, so lets change it up this week and go with a comedy. 21 Jump Street was actually really good if you haven't seen it yet. 22 Jump Street sends them to college this time (hopefully there will be some tits) and the trailer looks hilarious. 22 Jump Street opens this Friday, I'll be seeing it.

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