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Amari Rincome Chiang Mai closes down New Mall to be built in place

The Amari Rincome Chiang Mai hotel has closed it's doors since 30th April 2011, at first it was thought that bad tourism has got the better of the hotel, however it's been revealed this is far from the case. The hotel is now 42 years old and is one of the first hotels that was built in Thailand. After 42 years it was time for a facelift but the Thailand based ONYX Hospitality Group that owns the Amari Rincome Chiang Mai has announced an exciting new urban development project.

The site of the Amari Rincome is a huge 1.8 hectares of land and situated on the most trendy streets of all of Nimmanhaemin Road, the area is in Central Chiang Mai and not far from the Chiang Mai University which gives it a very chic and trendy atmosphere because of all the University students. The area in general has a number of famous nightclubs, pubs and restaurants as well as some of the most expensive real estate in the city.

The current hotel site will be integrated into a larger redevelopment project which will house a lifestyle community mall featuring landscaped plaza, retail areas, cinemas and restaurants. This will only futher make the entire Nimmanheiman area more attractive to lvie and more expensive for people renting and buying in the area. Great for current landowners.

The Amari hotel isn't going away though, a new smaller hotel is going to be built on the spot with only 85 rooms and will feature a more modern look (the old one looked more Thai in nature) and be surrounded by retail shops and that whole modern lifestyle that guests love. An all-day dining restaurant, meeting room and gymnasium. It has yet to be revealed if a nightclub will also be added which would be a great addition to the area making Nimmanheiman the place to go not only for Thai's but for Tourists as well.

If you look at a map of Chiang Mai the Nimmanheiman area is the one that is expanding the most, the amount of apartments there are that surround the Chiang Mai university is only increasing and it's not just being built out but built up as well. This entire area is the new center of Chiang Mai, since you can't build taller than 4 stories inside the moat and beside the river is too risky because of floods it makes sense to build the area up more.

The new development is said to take 18 months to complete so we are looking at a completion time of early 2013, can't wait!

If you were looking to stay at the Amari but can't now, try out some of the hotels listed in my 4 star hotels in Chiang Mai which have some really good discounts going now.


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