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Learn Thai

Funny Thai Joke

Thai people really don’t tell a lot of good jokes, well at least that I think is funny But this one isn’t bad. ผู้ชาย 3 คน… มีผู้ชาย 3 คน คนแรกเป็นนักปรัชญา คนที่สองเป็นนักคณิตศาสตร์ คนสุดท้ายเป็นคนโง่ อยู่มาวันหนึ่ง 3 คนนี้ นั่งรถไปเที่ยวด้วยกัน แล้วระหว่างทาง รถเกิดไปชนเข้ากลางทางทำให้ทั้ง 3 ตายหมด […]

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Asian pocket translator

Top 10 Pocket Electronic Translators

If your like me, you find that your always looking for a translation for some obscure word. I’ve found that having a pocket dictionary or electronic pocket translator is so handy that it was worth the investment. I use the […]

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Thai Vocabulary Book

10 of the best books to Learn Thai language

Learn The Thai alphabet in one Day This is a winner of a book, doesn’t really look much but is the most powerful book I recommend. I personally used this Ebook to learn how to read the Thai Alphabet. And […]

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Top 10 Ebooks In Thailand

Top 10 Ebooks In Thailand

Although you might not think, Ebooks in Thailand are huge already and will only increase in Time. Ebooks make it easy to get your latest book and take it with you on the go. Let’s say your going to Thailand […]

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Learning The Thai Alphabet

Learning the Thai Language Quickly

You might have heard people say how hard Thai language is to learn, the tones, the letters, the thai words, but in fact, Thai is an easy language, much easier than English, there is no such thing as Thai Grammer […]

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