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Top 10 Ebooks In Thailand

Although you might not think, Ebooks in Thailand are huge already and will only increase in Time. Ebooks make it easy to get your latest book and take it with you on the go. Let's say your going to Thailand for a year, do you really want to cart a bunch of books along with you. There are many second hand book stores in Thailand but the selection is nothing like the selection of Ebooks you can buy from Amazon online with ease in Thailand. The Kindle reader is the most popular way to buy Ebooks online as it only uses wifi as well as 3g to download the books. Cost, nothing. It's easy to buy a Kindle in Thailand if your already here too.

#10 Thailand Training Guide

Ever wanted to move to Thailand to study the ancient martial arts of Muay Thai. This training guide is a how to and what to do about going about moving to Thailand to train as a Muay Thai fighter. The guide is jam packed with what to do's and not to do's when thinking about training in Thailand.

#9 Pattaya Girls
If anyone has fallen in love with a girl while on holiday in Pattaya then this is a must read, not only for those who have fallen in love with a girl but multiple girls too. Maybe you just love Pattaya and why not, it's full of hot chicks ready to make you happy. But it's not all smooth sailing that's for sure, that's why this definitive guide sets out to make all the illusions and secrets open. It's an easy read and the author has spent many years in Pattaya, you could call it an expert guide to Pattaya.

#8 60 Minutes to learn the Thai alphabet
It might seem far fetched but the approach used in this Ebook from Thailand is the same as how Rosetta stone uses to learn a new language. It uses many picture memorization techniques to learn the Thai alphabet. Admittedly i did read this book and it did take me longer but I'm not the best at remembering things, however i do recommend if you are going to try to learn the Thai alphabet this is the Ebook to buy.

#7  Living in Thailand - What is it Really Like?
The author kind of rambles on in this book it seems like he's trying to use up words to fill the book, either way it was kind of interesting some of the experiences he's had in Thailand, for the price it was worth the read.

#6 The ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Thailand
After Reading This Book in 2 Hours You Will Know Everything You Need To Know to Move to Thailand and Teach English.

#5 Frommer's Thailand
The classic Frommers bible is now on Kindle and can be downloaded and taken with you on your trip to Thailand with ease.

#4 Thai Black Book
Not the best written Ebook about Thailand but the information is very relevant. It's not just about how to get laid in Thailand either, it's more of a survival guide, the best and safest way to travel in Thailand.

#3 How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in Thailand
Being successful with women in Thailand isn't just about paying for their time; there’s a science to every step and to every phase. In the book, you’re covered, whether you want to make a traditional Thai woman fall in love with you, or find the best and cheapest sex with the most beautiful women. Whether you want to visit and tour, live and work, or marry and retire in Thailand, here’s what you need to make informed decisions that will keep you on top of the game, and make your bucks go further. With 300 pages (75,000 words) of tips, tricks, secrets, money-savers, dos, don’ts and warnings, this is truly an exhaustive guide. It has EVERYTHING you need to know in order to get the most out of your Thai experience. This book not only outlines the greatest holiday a man could ever have, but the greatest FUTURE he could ever have, too.

#2 Red-light Nights, Bangkok Daze
Sexy, entertaining, and thoroughly informative, this collection of reports offers a glimpse into what is enticing, insightful, and unknown about sex in Asia. It looks at the sex scenes and unseens in the ‘usual suspects’ of Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan as well as in less obvious countries such as Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Covering the gamut of love, lust, passion, and pleasure across Asia, these articles offer unique insights into the sometimes shadowy world of the carnal pleasures on offer and the hypocrisies surrounding them. Gathered from the views of unrepentant ‘sexpats’, wayward tourists, and the locals themselves, in Red-light Nights, Bangkok Daze, you’ll find revelations about the varied experiences this huge cast of characters participates in. Succumb to the lights, and weather the daze; you’ll find yourself exhilarated and waking to a new found awareness of the complex, interesting and yet confusing world of sex in Asia.

#1 A Nail Through the Heart: A Novel of Bangkok
The author of the 1990s Simeon Grist series returns with a compelling new protagonist: American travel writer Poke Rafferty, who is out to right some serious wrongs on the predatory streets of Bangkok. While attempting to adopt a homeless girl, rescue a potentially murderous urchin known as Superman, and build a lasting relationship with the former bar girl he loves, Poke is pulled into two brutal mysteries. One involves a notorious Khmer Rouge torturer, the other a series of child-porn photos. As he doggedly plumbs these ghastly depths, Rafferty matures from a play-it-as-it-lays layabout into a man willing to meet his lover's culture more than halfway and find his moral compass at a time when the victims can be as guilty as the murderers are innocent. The fact that the referenced pedophile photo series and Phnom Penh torture house both existed heightens the impact of a narrative that's already deeply felt. If this opens a new series, Hallinan is off to a surefooted start with a supporting cast (including Poke's precocious, pugnacious, almost-daughter Miaow) well worth getting to know. Sennett, Frank

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