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Why every Foreigner in Thailand needs the new Amazon Kindle DXEbook Reader

The Amazon Kindle DX is the ultimate ebook reader, the new perfect ink match type on the screen you might as well think of it as a regular book, no it doesn't have colour but nor do many books in print anyway. The Amazon Kindle DX is available to ship to Thailand and even has free 3G wireless for downloading ebooks in less than 60 seconds. What the 3G wireless internet connection allows you to do is download books without even being connected to a Wi-Fi network so you could

be on the beach in Pattaya downloading books, books that are even cheaper to buy on Kindle than at book stores in Thailand.

What's amazing about this ebook reader is the battery life and the screen size. The battery life for the Amazon Kindle DX ebook reader is long, it lasts for a week if you have the wi-fi turned on and about 2 weeks if you turn off the wifi. Now only if your phone could last that long! Secondly the Size of the screen. In how to buy an Amazon Kindle in Thailand i talked about the regular Kindle ebook reader and how to buy it in Thailand. The problem with that reader is i typically read at home and i find the 6 inch screen a little small, the Kindle DX however more expensive it is has a 10 inch screen and is perfect for reading, especially if you need to make font larger, yes it does that too!

Why every Foreigner in Thailand needs the Kindle Ebook reader is simple, for most people living here reading is a part of life. Ever noticed why there are so many book stores in Thailand, a lot of people have a lot of time on their hands in Thailand. And who doesn't like to read. But why you need a Kindle and to be downloading ebooks is because of the Title selection. There are over 800,000 english language ebooks available for download on the Kindle and in the Amazon store, now your local Thai english book shop how many titles do they have?

I personally hate to wait around for the latest books to arrive in Thailand which is why I decided to buy a Kindle DX. It's the most popular ebook reader in the world and it ships to Thailand super cheap.

Have you been noticing all the other expats living in Thailand with Kindles? The Kindle is becoming synonomous with expats in Thailand.

Why every Foreigner in Thailand needs the new Amazon Kindle DXEbook Reader

Why every Foreigner in Thailand needs the new Amazon Kindle DX Ebook Reader


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