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Free TV in Thailand

You can watch anything you could ever want on demand for free in perfect quality right on your TV. Many people know this is possible, but too few in Thailand are getting the most out of what’s out there. So once and for all, here is a step by step process to getting the most out of your home entertainment options for little or no money.

Buy a laptop fan stand, a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, and an hdmi cable. Newer computers and Tv’s have HDMI, but a monitor to monitor cable will work just fine for video if one of your components doesn’t have HDMI. Of course in this case you’d have to buy a computer speaker set as well. Newer TV’s have a special “PC” input so it’s easy to toggle right to your PC. Having your computer ported to your TV with your keyboard and mouse on your coffee table is a luxury, and an affordable luxury.

Download Vuze @ http://www.vuze.com/. Make sure you check out of any optional boxes that give you add ons. Be really careful when you navigate through the download to make sure of this. You only want Vuze and do not pay for premium; it’s not worth it.

Vuze merely spiders content from sites that actually host the peer to peer downloads., http://kat.ph/vuze-search-templates-t4866015.html . Download this file when you have Vuze open. Let it finish downloading, run it if you have to and then shut down Vuze and open again and when you search for something in Vuze you'll spider from all of the best torrent sites. Now that you can search for something and organize by most recent date...always download smaller files when possible and files with the highest amount of peers.

For old or brand new tv shows (like within 5 hours) you'll have to be more specific with your search. So if i want to watch an episode of Lost, season 3 episode 5, i would write that like this: Lost s03e05 This will come in handy down the stretch, especially for episodes that were just added (which usually take like 10 hours to come up through "most recent date." But basically every movie and every episode of every TV show comes up. You can check the comment sections of anything before you download it to see if there is a subtitle issue or something. For entire seasons of series, search like this, "breaking bad season 1"

You can play most movies and episodes in the actual Vuze player, but for entire seasons of shows you will have downloaded a zip file. Open the zip from your Vuze downloads folder and you'll have mostly avi files if show is 2+ years old. You can usually play these on windows media player. But download VLC player to play absolutely any file.

For movies still in theatres, I recommend that you sort through the comment section to see what other people say about quality. I won’t watch anything that isn’t in good quality, and surprisingly many screeners of new movies wind up getting out there. Also I find that DVD copies appear in search about two weeks before most DVD’s are released.

As long as you have Vuze open, you can always go directly to: http://kat.ph/ and run a search for any show or any movie. This usually gets you the fastest results for a brand new episode that aired an hour or two ago. If I just put in “Damages” the last damages episode will come up as long as an hour or two has passed since it aired. Just make sure you sort by date. Click to download the small torrent file and your browser will download it in seconds. Then as long as you have Vuze open, just open the torrent file and it will automatically download the full file in your Vuze system.

This isn’t your only option for content, but I believe it’s the best. There are many sites where you can stream, but the quality considerably worse and it buffers so often that there isn’t much downside to waiting for thee download on Vuze.
There are also sites like Hulu.com and Netflix.com that give you a good amount of options to work with for a cheap monthly price. So if you are adamant about not downloading movies for free; you can go for those services. Just be aware that some of them only work with a U.S. Ip address. IF you’re in Thailand and your Thailand IP comes up you won’t be able to access the sites. All you have to do is get software like the one you can get at HidemyASs.com to spoof your IP. If you ever saw something like, “Content not available in this region,” the IP spoofer is probably something you’d want to look into anyhow.

Even if lived in the U.S. I doubt I’d have any type of cable that I would have to pay for and I certainly would never pay to rent a movie ever again. I have it too good with Vuze. If they ever take Vuze down, something else out there will pop up 15 minutes later; it will never end. Even if somehow it did, Netflix and Hulu type sites are only getting stronger; internet TV is the future and that certainly benefits the Expat community.

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  1. cardwolf October 17, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    Good post for those who don’t know how to use torrents. How ever you don’t need vuze, unless you want to spider everything together (not really important as you will never have all the peers on your list anyways). You can just go with lighter clients like utorrent and the piratebay.se. As far as players goes VLC is fine but I also recommend Splash lite for HD movies. Also good comment about getting the small files, you can even get good HD rips in small files like YIFY’s rips on piratebay.se. Personally I was hoping for post about free cable in Thailand, but I always use torrents anyways.

  2. Steini B. January 5, 2014 at 8:40 am #

    I have a related question. Where can I find like a programme or tv guide for what´s on? Like a timetable. Have been googling but cannot find it. Got a disk from Samart, one-time only payment but it would help to see what´s currently on the air. Thanks.

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