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Chiang Mai Nightlife Update 2012

I recently updated the Chiang Mai Nightclubs page to include the most current information. The Loi Kroh bar scene hasn't changed much and since it's nearing the end of the low season is still seeing little traffic therefore the selection of girls here is pretty low. Things should pick up for the better in the coming months though as more tourists start coming in but that also means the girls you used to pull for free or virtually nothing are not going to give it up as easy.
Map of Adult Nightlife entertainment in Chiang Mai

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Foxy Lady go go bar continues to be the number 1 go go in town and I'm surprised at the selection either, while they don't compare to anything you'd see down in Pattaya or Bangkok it's still one of the only truly 100% Farang friendly place to pick up girls where you can actually see there bodies before hand. That's kinda the only sucky thing about the monger scene here is you can't see the good first.

Spicy re-opened with a change of owner and have changed the lower floor seeing area make it a little more mellow but it's still the same old same old and the same crowd going there. Lucky since it's refurbishment is pulling in more and more of the late night party goers.
Chiang Mai Nightlife and Thai Girls
It's the same old circuit though the freelancers and Farang seeking trolls tend to hit up hot-shot first then go to spicy then yellow. Tourists seem to do Zoe in Yellow which is having a 1am closing time before they head to Spicy then get bored and move onto Lucky bar which closes at 5am. Bubbles still can't seem to get any customers in their doors resorting to I'm told paying girls with free drinks to sit in their club. Prices are reasonable and the barmen is heavy on the amount of alcohol in the drinks but with them doing nothing to the club when it reopened it's got nothing to offer. My opinion only but if they stopped playing that Techno music and started playing more hip-hop or Top 40 they'd get more of a crowd. The club as it is way too 90's.

The Thai nightclubs around town continue to have a strong local link and foreigners without a Thai-connection will feel bored and like a total outsider. Thai nightclubs aren't really the kind of place one goes by themselves so if you are by yourself head to the Farang zones.

A nightclub opened up this year called the Whit club and is where all the karaoke girls head to. The location can be found on the mongers map. I went there on a Thursday night about 1am, there were a lot of Thai guys in there on one side and the karaoke girls on the other. I was already busy with three girls so didn't get to check out how easy it would be to pick them up though I'd say you'd need some pretty good Thai as no one there could speak English.

Right up from the Whit club is a place called Fang VIP which is a B2B massage house with some really cute girls in there. I actually found this place online first on a Thai forum site before I went there it had some excellent reviews and worth checking out if you want a change from Sayuri.

The mamason at Sofa House who is also formerly the mamason at Sugar Beet (now closed) and Bang Saen 1 havn't seen much growth since opening relying mostly on the crowd in the front club to move in when it closes at 2am. Still the girls there are super hot and the beer is cheap but the girls want 150 baht a drink.

The Karaoke scene in Chiang Mai continues to see good growth from both Thai's and Farang and every place accepts farang! Japanese and Chinese are big partakers in this but I've found that most of the girls want to sit with Farang and if she hasn't warmed up to you go again you might be surprised at how relaxed she is. Ter Karaoke the one that opened up near the santitum turn off from Kaad Suan Koaw is reasonable and popular with the young Thai crowd. The girls there won't drink any alcohol which is cheaper but not so much fun as the whole point of going to Karaoke is to get some 20something drunk and her knickers off. As for my pick this month it would be Orchid Karaoke which has some good membership specials. Free room free mixers 6000 baht for 4 bottles of piper or 3 bottles of Red with a 1 year expiry. The girls are however 250 baht an hour. You typically go through about 1 bottle between 4 people every 4 hours. Depending on how much you drink. So with mamason fee of 400 baht probably cost you 1800 baht each time you go making it one of the best memberships in town.

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2 Responses to Chiang Mai Nightlife Update 2012

  1. Jai Dee August 22, 2012 at 2:12 am #

    Hi Chris
    What about the “SpotLight” it’s sort of a go go bar ?! lol
    The interior of the place hasn’t changed since the late 80’s.
    In the early 90’s ,the girls danced(horribly) in their regular underwear…but it was packed with women.
    Nowaday’s not as busy (like everywhere) but still can be fun for a couple of drinks.In fact,a couple of years ago I spotted and bar fined a delightful hill tribe girl,mid 20’s ,no kids ….for the evening.
    Went back about 5 days later ,paid the fine and took her out for the evening…went for a couple of drinks…a bite to eat at Pratuu Chang Peuk and then a most pleasant night together.
    Even the “Spotlight” had a gem …555

    • Chris August 22, 2012 at 6:08 am #

      Havn’t been in for 3 years, as everyone keeps telling me it sux but I should really check it out myself, maybe tonight i’ll go have a drink.

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