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EarthQuakes In Thailand

You might be surprised that Thailand is in an Active Earthquake Area, even more recently the 2 large earthquakes in Chiang Mai occured the idea of Earthquakes and the reminder of the devastating Sunami that shocked Phuket are fresh reminders that this natural disaster does occur in Thailand and is more common that what people think.

The recent large Chiang Mai earthquakes which occured over the border in Myanmar where felt all the way down in Bangkok, I was in my room at the time on the 3rd level of my apartment and they were very small shakes hardly worth mentioning really, compared to how you get shaken in Japan or California, still didn't stop people pooring into the streets either.

Thailand sits along 13 major fault lines that regularily shake, recently in the past few years these fault lines have become more and more active. These faultlines do have the potential to create massive earthquakes that can destroy massive parts of Thailand including sunami's which have just as bad effect.

A massive 7.0 or higher earthquake would devistate thailands infrastructure as many of the millions of homes offices and hotels would litterally crumble, thankfully though the major fault lines are not near major cities except for Chiang Mai. An 8.0 in Chiang Mai would cause lifetime damage to the area. The area it'self relies on Tourism and a major earthquake would flatten buildings and tourists would not come to Chiang Mai for years and years to come.

The west sumatra earthquake on boxing day 26th December 2004 which killed over 6000 people in Thailand is the biggest disaster an Earthquake has ever caused Thailand. This doesn't mean there can't be an Earthquake In Thailand that does even more substantial dammage to an otherwise already vulnerable area.

I hope i never see a big Earthquake to hit Thailand...

Map of Thailand Faultline Earthquake Areas

Map of Thailand Faultline Earthquake Areas

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