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Karaoke shops you can buy sex in Chiang Mai

To be fair I honestly prefer just to go out have a good time without thinking of sex, occasionally however I do like some nooky from the Karaoke houses in Chiang Mai. The following is a list of places you can take the girls out at the karaoke shops in Chiang Mai.

Before I get to the list let me just explain the rules here because so many guys I know have gone to the karaoke in Chiang Mai and walked away with 10-15,000 baht bills for themselves! And still had nothing. Now I can safely say that has never happened to me.

The girls are the Karaoke in Chiang Mai are wide ranging, typically all the cheaper places don't have Thai girls, you'd think they were Thai they speak Thai and everything but most of these shops are 100% Akhar, Mong, or Lisu hill tribe girls. Most of Chinese white skin and you'll notice a tall nose on the Akhar girls. The Akhar girls are 95% Christian and if they have been doing it for a while are almost unlikely to go with you at all. Lisu and Mong are like spiritual beings and are easier to lay. But hey that's if you try the long term.

Prices for sex are pretty much the same all over the country 2000 baht for the girl and that's typically for short time unless the chick knows you for a while. This price sux considering 4 years ago I was going out and it was 1000 baht for the girl and 500 for the house. Times have certainly changed maybe it was my bragging about them that more guys go in now, or more likely they are just scamming more farang, what do you think?

Anyway so if you have 2000 baht in your pocket just for the girl in any of these establishments you'll get something and it might just be a blow-job or a quickie on the couch but that's just gonna be a hill tribe girl and not a Thai. But don't forget the money you need to spend if you go in the door. When you're a member it's way cheaper you have 1 or two drinks pay for a drink for the girl and then your out of there.

When you walk into any Karaoke house in Chiang Mai you'll be assigned a Mamason if you havn't previously been assigned, this can really suck if the whole house has the same mamason as they work on commissions as well but most places do this anyway. I'm just saying it happens and you wait forever for the mamason.

Karaoke houses are shown with yellow pins on the map

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20/20 Karaoke

This is the place I was saying used to be 1500 now they've put up the prices to 2500. They have about 90 girls on rotation which is the biggest staffed Karaoke house anywhere in Chiang Mai.

Ten Karaoke

This is basically a sister club of 20/20 I've seen girls rotate between the two shops there's probably an economic reason for this. Ten Karaoke works the same as 20/20 and the prices are exactly the same, though the rooms are smaller and cosier than 20/20 if you are going for just a Karaoke night this is a nice shop. Just like 20/20 the girls come out in two files, ones that will go home with you and ones that don't best to consult the mamasan.

View their website

Orchid Karaoke

I know I'm a little biased towards this place only because I think they have the best rooms of any Karaoke shop in Chiang Mai, rooms have a lock on the door and a (leave me alone) sign can be hung up on the door so if you go in yourself and work something out it can feel like high school again. When you go with your mates the girls will be shy and open up later. Prices to take the girl out for the night is 2600 this however assumes to the house that you won't be fucking, If you tell the house you will be fucking there's an extra 1000 baht bill which is split between her and the house.

Aii Karaoke

This is a mixed bag karaoke some Chinese some mountain girls and some local Thai girls and beside the 70's back bar area (which is better than the rooms) it's a fun shop except it's expensive for the girls at 300 baht an hour. Better deals elsewhere but for 3500 baht all in you can pretty much take any girl you want. This is the last place in Chiang Mai to buy pussy at night if it's 6am in the morning you can still get something here.

AII Karaoke chiang mai

Out the front of Aii Karaoke

Most of the Karaoke houses in Chiang Mai have one or two girls but because the girls change shops so frequently it's hard to really say who and where you kind of need to follow the circuit. If you go to these shops though you'll find something every time maybe not Orchid but if you go there and ask for Mama Peung's phone number you can have her arrange something for you.

If these prices are too high the best deals are had at the brand new soapy massage Celeb @CNX 1650 baht for 90 minutes or the santitum 99 brothel which is only 1200 baht + room but the soapy is just more fun.

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  1. Neville December 27, 2013 at 11:47 am #

    Hi Chris,
    What is THE magazine/newspaper in Chiang Mai listing all the Soapy Massage, Brothels, Bars, Girls, etc.?

    • Chris December 27, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

      there isn’t one, if there was it would be about two pages long.

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