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Running out of money in Thailand

I've heard a lot of different stories from people who have read this blog and what most people normally email me about are either Thai Girls or the fact that they wish they could live in Thailand maybe they did but had to return to their own countries because they can't afford to live in Thailand anymore. It's not that it's expensive to live in Thailand it's really the lifestyle that you choose to live when you're here. If you don't have the funds coming in and you spend your money frivolously then you end up packing your bags and on the dreaded flight home.

There must be a million different stories and ways someone can run out of money in Thailand could be the bar girl you picked up cleans you out, you could have started a business that failed where you lost all your money, maybe or probably you didn't have endless funds to begin with and living in Thailand you never made a buck therefore you just ran out of money. No matter what the story the end result is the lonely flight back to your country of origin.

Some people however run out of money in Thailand and simply can't face having to go back. The thought of returning to their own country is too frightening especially when you have no money. When you have no money you have no way to get a valid Visa to live in Thailand so what often happens is you end up forgetting about the visa, try to live off the grid and do whatever you can to survive here, often means sleeping on the beach in areas like Pattaya.

Let's say you're in Thailand right now, you've been living here for several months now and somehow you've woken up today with nothing but 100 baht in your pocket, no return ticket home and your visa runs dry in the next 2 weeks. What are you going to do?

What your going to do may entirely be dependant on where in Thailand you currently are located and what kind of support you have from home. I've had a mate who was in a similar situation but had no family or friends willing to help him out back home. He had to contact and go to the Australian embassy in Bangkok where they tried to help him find someone back home who could send him some money so he could buy a ticket back to OZ. They tried unsuccessfully for a few days. In the end the embassy had to pay for a ticket for the guy back to OZ. He also had to repay that money within 30 days of returning.

You really don't want to run out of money in Thailand because it's going to be a problem not just for you but for your family and friends, do you really want to have them disturbed by a phone call from you asking they bail you out? Before you come to Thailand I suggest you read the article The most important thing you need to know before you come to Thailand. If your looking for a way to be able to afford to live in Thailand then check out the following video.

Running out of money in Thailand

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4 Responses to Running out of money in Thailand

  1. Banjo November 25, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    Be interesting to work out the absolute minimum you would need to get down to Timor or Bali using buses and cheap ferries.
    Factor in a bowl of noodle soup and a couple of bananas per day.
    Then try to hitch a ride on a yacht to Darwin or Broome.

  2. Ray November 29, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    Hi Chris,

    I actually once saw one farang picking litter out of the bins in Rayong. Thais are really gonna call you a khee nok if they see you doing that!

    Anyway, I just wondered as I’m looking for hosting for my own blog, do you recommend any web hosting companies? I was looking at dreamhost as they have a one-click installation for wordpress. Any hints would be great as I’m going to buy hosting any day soon ….

    • Chris November 29, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

      Hey Ray!

      Dude I hate it when they call me khee nok! Because I’m smart with my money? Who knows.

      Anyway mate about hosting I use godaddyand have a VPS because this blog gets too much traffic for shared hosting. I have an extra IP address if you want to put your site on my server let’s say 1000 baht a year? I can take care of the installation and because it’s a new IP you won’t have any blacklists or problems like the site being down like you would if you used shared hosting. Depends on how much traffic you expect to get I guess. Use my Contact page if your interested.

  3. Frankieo June 2, 2015 at 7:01 pm #

    I don’t get it, the video that is.
    I have listened to it for over 10 minutes now, and not once has he talked about what exactly the program is, or what you need for it to work.

    Do I need to have some form of internet buisness like a blog, eBay shop, or anything, and this works similar?
    Does it set up some type of stealing mechanism on existing websites by taking adds from other agency’s and putting them up as your own adds, thus making the website pay you somehow for the adds?

    I am pretty much confused, and wouldn’t want to pay $45 for something, and find out I can’t even use it anyways.

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