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Video of Thai School Boys Rant

Video clips of this Thai school kid have gone viral round the web with millions of views in just a few days. The clip even sparked someone to make a song about the kid which is even funnier than his video. Basically the clip is about this kid who is pissed because this guy Ball kicked him out of the group and won't let him hang.

Unless you speak Thai well you probably will have a hard time understanding him, this is how kids talk though and the language he uses won't be taught in your Thai language course. Wish there was a Thai course called "Talk Thai like a Native" you may not want to speak like that but surely you'd like to understand. Key word to learn here is หนักกบาล the word กบาล is a swear word for หัว which means head, so "heavy head" literally, it basically just means in the way he is using it is causing trouble or causing problems.

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