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Weather In Thailand

Thailand is Hot, for the first 3 months of your stay in Thailand especially if you come in the Hot season will almost feal unbearable. Sticky, humid, schorchingly hot. And then the rain comes, and does the rain come. In the North the rain can not stop for days on end but toward the middle, eastern and sothern regions the rain lasts for as little as 10 minutes to a few hours, but can come down in bucket loads.

Weather In Thailand

Weather In Thailand

Hot Season In Thailand

I've never met a westerner or a Thai person who didn't complain about how hot it is in Thailand. The thing about the heat in Thailand is especially in the central and southern regions is the humidity, it climbs so high you find it hard to breath, even more so in Bangkok where the smog and high temperatures collide.

Rainy Season In Thailand

The rainy season is the low season for tourism, tourists don't want to see their vacation ruined by the rain, imagine going on a jungle walk in Chiang Mai or visiting a beach in Phuket. Personally I like the rainy season for a number of reason, first is there are less tourists which mean bargain prices, second is the combination of a hot day followed by a rainy afternoon is just brilliant, if your not going on walks through the jungle or care about sunbaking on the beach, the rainy season is great for visiting Thailand.
How do Thai people feal about the rainy season, well not only is it a low time for tourism it's also a low season for Thai people, when it rains noone goes out...anywhere to eat dinner, the club and so on. Thai's just don't want to go anywhere especially when you have to ride a motorbike somewhere.

Cold Season In Thailand

Some say the cold season is not much of a cold season when during the day temperatures reach as high as 33degrees, however the cold season does get cold especially in the wee hours of the morning, if your on a motorbike you'll need a jacket, in the north along the mountains it can get close to 0 degrees celcious!

After years living in Thailand the weather is no longer a factor in my conversation and the only time it affects me is when it rains. It no longer feels as hot as it used to when I first arrived, in fact with each passing year it seems like it's getting cooler.

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