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When is the best time to visit Thailand

For me the best time to visit Thailand is during around Christmas and the New Year. It's a good time of a year as it is however these are the coolest months in Thailand and if you go North it's actually super cold. Which is why I'm writing this to begin with because as I write this i'm freezing. You normally don't think of Thailand and start thinking you'll need to take a jacket but if you come North to Chiang Mai Chiang Rai etc you'll need the jacket, i'm wearing two now when I go out of an evening!

Unlike the west Thailand has only 3 seasons. (Though some say there is only hot, hotter and really hot) it's actually 3. There is the cool season, the hot season and the rainy season.

Cool season (November to February

As I mentioned above this is my favourite season in Thailand. The days are much like spring in the west but the nights are cool and require a jacket. Depends on where in Thailand you are going though, Bangkok and southern Thailand will still be hot and sweaty though north near the mountains will be cool and dry. It never rains in the cool season either which is probably why it's the best time to visit Thailand.

Hot Season (March to May)

If you don't like hot weather then don't come to Thailand during the Hot season. However if you like beaches the sun and endless days of sun then the Hot season is when you want to come to Thailand. The hot season is hot for a reason, the sun isn't as harsh as say Sydney is but it's the air that is hot, it's sticky, and uncomfortable, you'll be drinking lots of water and don't forget to take a hat. The beaches are best this time of year and are always full.

Rainy Season (June - October

Another name for the rainy season is the Low Season it's called the low season because that's when tourists typically don't come to Thailand. It's not the best time to come to Thailand because it's always raining. Rain comes out of nowhere and can really disrupt your travel plans which is why no one likes to come here then. The days are still hot coupled with the rain it's just not a good time to come. But I guess if you plan on hanging around bars the whole time your here it's a good time to come to Thailand because flights are cheap and so is accommodation, the crowds arn't around so it's easier to make reservations for tours etc.

Whatever time you decide to come to Thailand you'll have a great time just keep in mind that you need to be aware of the weather. The good thing about Thailand at least is that it's predictable. You know what the weather is going to be like when you come here.

What's your favourite season in Thailand?

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  1. Bentley December 22, 2011 at 2:48 am #

    This time of year (December – January) is my favorite, because as you mention in the article, this is the most comfortable: cool weather (compared to the hot season) and no rain.
    One thing I have noticed is the considerable increase in mosquitoes – I attribute that to all the standing water in various places left by the recent floods I assume. Our solution is to turn on the fan to medium speed and place it close to the bed – not because it’s too hot but because that seems to mitigate mosquitoes biting during the night – we aim the fan so the the bed has a strong breeze flowing directly across us. It seems to help. I guess so would to close the windows and turn on the A/C but that would make the room too cool for comfort.

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