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5 Lies people who visit Pattaya tell themselves

While Pattaya is popular with the Russian Family holiday maker lets face it, the only reason why most people besides that Russians are here is for the sex and lots of it. Millions of people visit this seaside city and it isn't just for the beach which by any measure is simply a joke. People are here to fulfill their natural animal desires but some guys seem to leave all common sense at the airport and start mixing lust with love.

lies in pattaya

Some of the most common mistakes and lies that guys tell themselves when they visit Pattaya:

  1. She's not like the other bar girls
  2. She only dances
  3. She didn't ask for any money so she must be a good girl
  4. She'll be faithful when i go back home
  5. I'm not going to pay for sex

There are exceptions to the rule but don't ignore the 99% truth

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