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How to Bootstrap Your Business in Thailand

When I first came to Thailand I had a job that made close to 100,000 baht a month without doing much if anything at all. While that sounds like a cushy gig it really sucked and I can see heaps […]

how to make money in Thailand

25 Ways people are making money in Thailand

If you wanted to make money in Thailand then the best way is to find out what other people are doing that is working and if it’s your style then try to do the same thing. You don’t always have […]

make money off real estate in thailand

Making money from Real Estate in Thailand

You ever wondered how in a country where minimum wage is below what most would call poverty that there are so many nice cars! Mind you the price of a luxury car in Thailand is at least twice what you […]

swift codes thailand

Complete List of Bank Swift Codes for Thailand Banks

If you have a large amount of money from overseas to Thailand the easiest way to do it would be to write yourself a check and walk into any Thailand bank in which you have an account and hand it […]

Can you make money from bitcoins?

Can you make money from Bitcoins?

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about Bitcoins and like me some of you might not fully understand how it works in it’s entirety but then again how many people actually fully understand the US financial system either. Bitcoins recently got […]

Renting Vs. Owning in Thailand

The debate on whether or not you should rent or own a place in Thailand is always a hot topic amongst settled Expats. We can examine a pro’s and con’s list of each and then see which side of the […]

Why would you open a bar in Thailand

Why would you open a bar in Thailand

Honestly in my own personal opinion owning a bar anywhere in the world seems like a real pain in the ass let alone doing it in Thailand of all places! I’m already a borderline alcoholic so imagine what things would […]

Farang Zones in Thailand

Farang Zones in Thailand

You know I used to say that I love Thailand but I’ve come to realize that I don’t just love Thailand but I love where I live. You might live in Thailand but you live in say Phuket, well there […]

How I lost 238342 visitors to this site

How I lost 187,742 visitors to this site

I’ve been blogging on this site for almost 10 months now and the time has really flown. I’m still enjoying blogging at this site though and hope you are too. Lately I’ve been thinking about how I got where I […]

Hiring Thai University Girls For part-time work

Hiring Thai University Girls For part-time work

The popular western term “Paying your way through college” does not exist in Thailand. There are some compelling reasons why as well. Firstly Thai parents do not expect nor do they want their children to be working while they study […]

2 million dollar house in bangkok

What a 2 Million Dollar House In Bangkok Looks like

Ever wanted to know what 2 million dollars will buy in you Bangkok? How about a 2 story 8 bedroom house with swimming pool gym, and maid quarters. I can only dream of buying a house like this but for […]

Currency of Thailand - 20 Baht Note

Currency Of Thailand

The currency used in Thailand is called the baht, 1 baht consist of 100 Satang, however the denominations go from 25 and 50 Satang to make up 1 baht. 30 baht equals roughly 1 US dollar. So 1 baht would […]

Newspapers In Thailand

The great thing about Thailand for travellers and Expats is the number of available english news services including English languages newspapers and news sites in English in Thailand. Bangkok Post The number one English Newspaper In Thailand the stories in […]