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Comedy Clubs in Bangkok

Looking for a few laughs in the city of angels you really can't go wrong with a night at a comedy club. I like the open mic nights because you get some really strange people with some strange humor. These are the best nights out and I've normally kept myself amused laughing at the acts instead of the act itself. Her's a list of some of the comedy clubs I recommend in Bangkok.

Bangkok's Comedy scene is very loosely put together with touring shows at different clubs. Maybe there's already enough to laugh at in Thailand? The slapstick style of comedy from the Thai scene just doesn't hit as hard as a good foreign comedian. Check this list monthly to see what shows are coming soon.

Bangkok Comedy Clubs

Image thanks to Amusing Thai Cartoons

Comedy Open Mic at the Alchemist Bar

The Alchemist bar has this strange way of doing Comedy nights they don't have it on the same day of every month even some months they don't have it. The last one was a few days ago on the 29th and I was told was a real laugh. One of the most recommended comedy nights in Bangkok is when it happens at the Alchemist Bar.

Open Mic Night at The Londoner

Probably the most famous of comedy clubs is the Open Mic Night at the Londoner founded in May 2011, this open mic as served up laughs for Bangkokonians for a few years now and has since gained in popularity. If you're interested in checking it out it goes down every first and third Monday of every month at 8pm. It's advised that you arrive early for a good seat but generally anyone who wants a 3 min spot can get one.

Bangkok Hilarious

The Bangkok Hilarious is one of the most chilled meets around. Really need to be following their Facebook page to find out when and where the next event will be. It's normally just free to go which makes it a good cheap night out with a few drinks you really can't go wrong. If you wanted to try your own routine then I've heard that it's easier to get a spot on Bangkok Hilarious than at other places. Recommended. The next night will likely be next month so like their page to keep up to date.

Bangkok Improv

Haven't done this myself so please be sure to let us know in the comments what it's all about.

If you know of any shows or other clubs in Bangkok that you recommend please leave a comment below.

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