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Complete Guide to Internet Dating in Thailand

Finding and meeting a girl in Thailand is easier than anywhere in the free world but often finding a girl who is single, likes Farang, and speaks a decent amount of English is hard work. Thanks to the internet and internet dating sites you can access tens of thousands of single Thai women within minutes it's cheaper faster and easier than any other method out there. If you haven't tried Internet dating and live or are coming to Thailand then you really have been missing out.

Thailand Dating Websites

The following is a list of internet dating sites that focus on girls in Thailand, use these websites to meet Thai girls online.

Thai Cupid

The Thai Cupid website is the largest Internet dating website in Thailand and has the most profiles of Thai women than any other dating site in Thailand. Most of the girls on this site are looking for real relationships but due to it's size it also attracts a lot of scammers and hookers looking for work. Thai Love Links still remains the best place to meet Thai girls.

Thai Love Lines

While this website isn't super popular actually I'm pretty sure this blog gets more traffic than they do it's still a good place to meet Thai singles. While they don't get a lot of traffic they do have a lot of profiles and the girls do actively use the site but only when someone messages them do they typically log in. A lot of young Thai girls use this site.

Asia Friendfinder

Are you traveling to more countries than just Thailand? If so then you should join Asia FriendFinder and find a hot sweet Asian girl in pretty much any Asian country you visit. Why limit yourself to just Thai girls when you can have a hot Chinese girl too. I like Asia FriendFinder because when I sign up I get access to girls from other countries too. There are a lot of profiles of Bangkok girls on this site and I've found most of the girls signed up to this site all have good jobs and an income that doesn't require me to sponsor them.

Thai Love Web

One of the youngest but already one of the most popular dating sites among Thai girls Thai Love web is 100% free and although you don't have as many online users as the rest of the sites the advantage of being free it does you no hard to sign up and get a free profile, you will get laid out of it I can guarantee that from personal experience.

Thai Friendly

The Thai Friendly dating site is the largest free dating site in Thailand and while it's only a year old has a huge reputation. It is free but you can only send one message every 10 minutes and have no search capability. You can upgrade to get more capabilities but that kinda defeats the purpose of it being free. If you wanted to find a desperate girl then this is probably where you will find her.

MSN Postjung

This is my favorite dating website, though it's more like a craigslist ad than a dating site. You post your email address or grab theirs and start talking on MSN live messenger. If your looking for some naughty fun then this really is the only place online in Thailand with horny girls that just want to get laid. These girls don't ask for nothing except for a good time. Nearly all of the girls using this site are poor and most are either school girls or university girls are lonely and are looking for some fun. Mind you there are a lot of working girls who service mostly Thai customers working this site but will take a Farang if you can speak Thai. There is where I find all the sideline girls from.

Using Internet Dating sites in Thailand

When you sign up to an internet dating site in Thailand you will soon get consumed and bogged down by all the messages. I know a guy who got admitted to hospital with deep vain thrombosis because he sat at his computer for 3 days straight without moving simply chatting to girls on Thai Love Links. Don't just start using the dating sites without a plan, know exactly what you want first.

You can waste a lot of time using the dating sites and if your like me are pressed for time then like I said you need a plan. The plan is pretty simple, write down exactly what your looking for eg. Slim girl around 160cm between 38-45kg lives in Bangkok between 18-22 doesn't live with her parents and is studying in University and has never had a Farang before. Now when you are using the dating sites anyone who doesn't fit your description don't talk to them, block. Sounds harsh but there are literally thousands of girls who want to chat to you so don't waste your time talking to anyone who doesn't fit your description!

Chatting to Thai girls on Internet Dating Sites

Dating is a numbers game and how if your super ugly you can still get a hot girl if only you ask enough hot girls for a date! Talk to as many people who fit your description as possible and when you find them don't send endless emails in order to get a date, just ask for the number. Getting the digits as quick as possible is your ultimate goal. Ask for and get her phone number as quick as possible and when you get the number call straight away don't wait. On the phone ask for a date within the first 10 minutes of talking to her, if she lives close by ask her for a date now. Talking on the phone and emailing can be a big time waster so make sure your asking for a date as quick as possible. It's a lot easier and you get better results if you can chat in Thai.

Where To Meet

The first meeting is always the most important but it's not a time to wow and impress the girl, it should be very casual. If your the kind of guy that isn't good at getting a girl into bed on the first date then I suggest you make the first meeting a meet and greet and make it as short as possible.

Never and I mean never let her tell you where to meet, always and I can't stress this enough make sure she meets you where you tell her to meet. Thai girls are hopeless at giving directions so if she tells you where to meet it's likely you'll get lost, but the real reason you want to tell her where to meet is because Thai girls like it when a guy takes charge and tells them where and what to do. Decision making is not part of the Thai makeup.

Like I said you don't need to impress the girl on the first date by taking her to some fancy restaurant or spending a mint. It should simply be coffee or a bowl of noodles say hi if your feeling it try to get her home but if you think she won't and needs more time then take her to

Internet Date to the bedroom

Thai's can be pretty conservative when they talk about taboo subjects like sex but just because they don't talk about it and act like they don't like it they still do. Saying to a Thai girl that you want to take her home and fuck her brains out isn't going to get you anywhere. BUT the classic "come back to my place and watch a movie" always works. She knows what's going to happen and if she says "Just watch a movie right?" then you still need to be a little conservative and with a smile say "watch the movie but we may kiss and cuddle but no sex". She will feel more comfortable about you saying this and will likely go along with you and have sex with you regardless.

Like I mentioned earlier Thai girls like a guy who takes charge so make sure you've got the balls to actually be straight up with her. Don't ask her tell her, see how I said "come back to my place" it wasn't a question it was an order, give a girl a question and she'll find an answer you don't want to her. Limit the amount of choices she has to make by telling her how it is.

Best of luck guys if you have any questions please use the comments section below.

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Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

4 Responses to Complete Guide to Internet Dating in Thailand

  1. sharkie April 16, 2012 at 1:47 am #

    Chris just wanted to give ya kudos love the whole thing I am going to get over soon

  2. Fitz May 3, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    Hey Chris,

    you’re doing a good job here. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been to Thailand three times 7 years ago and I am considering a longer term stay next year. Back then I pretty much went for bar girls only as it is the easiest way and the deal is clear for both sides (fuck & forget).

    Out of interest I recently subscribed to Dateinasia and was amazed how easy it is to get in contact with lots of “normal” girls. I think it is less a problem to find a girl than to not get stuck with a girl since you certainly don’t want to find yourself in a relationship out of sudden since we all know how clingy and jealous Thaigirls can get.

    The girls I’ve contacted on DIA were actually all seeking for longterm relationships and I am struggling with the part how to handle the girl to get rid of her without causing much trouble. As far as I have read your blog (not been through all yet though) you focus most on how to get a girl but less how to handle the girl.
    So what’s the best approach? Are some okay for being a fuck buddy or a one-night stand and can you talk straight out to her or do you have to act as a possible longterm BF and after the job is done break up all contacts?


    BTW: What do you think about dateinasia.com since I don’t see it listed above?

    BTW2: I subscribed for the “Learn to Speak Thai Now!” e-mail some hours ago but haven’t received it yet.

    • Chris May 4, 2012 at 5:54 am #

      i don’t like date in asia site but that’s just my opinion the girls on that site are on the other ones anyway so what’s the point? Oh the email will come to you the next day.

  3. Mr Nobody June 8, 2012 at 6:14 am #

    Dude your the man – You seem to have Thailand in the palm of your hands. How come that last GF got you down so bad man? i was hoping with your level of Thai language and psych skills – ah well you confirmed a truth we all know deep down inside.

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