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DTAC HAPPY Mobile Phone Codes In Thailand

Having a mobile phone in Thailand is as essential as your mobile phone back in your country, in some ways even more so as a lifeline to essential services as well as your loved ones. Mobile phones aren't the cheapest way to communicate in Thailand but surely are the most useful, but did you know all the hidden mobile phone codes that can allow you to do different things on your phone like making international calls, borrowing money for your phone, even a code to put you through to have something translated!

I've never thought of doing some of this stuff back at home before but here, the hidden phone codes are awesome but there are so many that you can't carry around with you all the time but remember some of the most useful ones and save them into your Mobile Phone. I like to use thai language when i save them because they then go on the bottom of the list in my phone so i never see them.

  1. *101*9# Check your mobile service pre-paid balance.
  2. *1010*2*9# Check your sms credit
  3. *102*9# Need to know what your DTAC mobile phone number is?
  4. *110# Borry money on your phone.Press this to get 30 baht of credit, you can only do it once before you need to refill again but perfect if you run out of credit and need to call someone. When you refill the phone however, you get charged about 2 baht, pretty reasonable for the convenience.
  5. *1021 This phone service is awesome, call them up and they will translate anything you ask from english - thai, thai-english, Thai to Isaan, Isaan to Thai, Isaan to english, english to Isaan, basically your personal Thai Language Translation Service.
  6. *1018 This turns on your International Roaming so you can make phone calls out.
  7. 004 Dial this plus your countries extention to call out. So let's say you live in the USA you would dail 004+1+949+9999 if your in australia you would dial to sydney 004+1+029+9999
DTAC Thailand Mobile Phone Service

DTAC Thailand Mobile Phone Service

Phone codes like I like to say or as DTAC call them KeyPress Codes, are available on most networks but I prefer DTAC because they have better coverage in the North of Thailand are cheaper than 12-call and AIS. DTAC mobile phone service also offers faster mobile internet service as well for your 3g Phone.
If you can find the areas main service center they have little Happy Manual Books that have even more codes than this, but why bother, just go to any DTAC shop tell them what you want and they will punch it in all for you and you never have to know the code.


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4 Responses to DTAC HAPPY Mobile Phone Codes In Thailand

  1. Olav Harald Eriksrud June 15, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    How can I prolong my telephone no. Now I am in Norway. My account is 20 bat valid to 23.06.13. I need to keep my telephone no. to maintain bank account until I return to Thailand about 23.06.12. My pone no. 0915039488.

    • Chris June 16, 2013 at 6:39 am #

      Contact me and i’ll fill it up for you if you send me the money.

  2. Hanuman October 30, 2013 at 8:52 am #

    you could have easily done it from Norway, by using e-services, and topping up days at 2 baht per extra month – with 20 baht on your account you could have extended 10 months

  3. kam January 27, 2014 at 4:31 am #

    Hi there was wondering if anyone knows how I can unlock a Happy Mobile t95 (please follow link for pictures and specs of phone) that I had purchased from Pattaya on my trip there in 2012?


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