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Flipping Websites – How To Flip Websites

You probably have heard of flipping houses before but have you heard of Flipping websites? The idea is you buy a rundown website or website that someone is selling because they need the money and want to move onto another website venture and no longer have the time or passion to devote to the website they are selling. You buy the website add more content into it (or do nothing at all) and receive commissions the previous owner had indefinitely or turn around and flip the website for a profit.

Flip Websites

If you're like me and live overseas or perhaps want to live overseas but need to find an income stream that will allow you to do so then maybe flipping websites is for you.

Creating a website from scratch can be a little daunting and even if I make you a website for free there is no sure thing your going to make money out of it. However there are literally hundreds of thousands of websites available for sale that make anywhere from a few dollars a month to 10's of thousands of dollars a month that you can purchase and flip for profit.

What makes this whole website flipping business possible is a website funnily enough called Flippa. Now i've been watching Flippa since it first started out and in the beginning it was like the wild west. People were able to sell websites they had made in a few days for literally hundreds of dollars and they weren't making money at all. Consumers and even Flippa to some extent has been able to put an end to those days and now the site is full of sites that actually do make money.

Flipping Websites

How you could make money flipping websites

The reason I wrote this post because this week I was looking at websites on flippa and found this site bestairbrushes.com. I checked out it's stats at flip filter did research on the keywords the owner had targeted and it looked pretty solid. I never read what the owner has to say first I kind of get an idea of what I think the site is worth first based on my experiences in SEO. Organic traffic is what is more reliable than any other. I figured out the site would probably make about $20 a month over the course of the year and if I worked on it more I could improve on it somewhat probably doubling it's revenues within a month if I had 50 hours to do so.

If I'm buying a website I always stick within 12 times earnings per month. So if the website is making 100 dollars a month then I wouldn't pay more than 1200 dollars. This particular website sold for $500 which is 25 times earnings which I thought it was worth and 14 times earnings which the owner thought it was worth. In the end it sold for more money than it was worth for me however the new owner quickly put up a survey mail list collection which he is hoping to then email users something to buy and hopefully make more than the $500 that he paid for the website if he gets 500 people to sign up he probably will.

So there is definitely money to be made out of flipping websites and even buying established websites sitting on them for a while and reselling them for more money but of course with everything if only it were as simple as it sounds. You should do your research maybe buy a few books on the topic before you dial right in and start buying sites especially if you don't know much about it. A good website I found that was packed with information and good is How to buy and sell websites.

Living in Thailand flipping websites

Can you make money in Thailand from flipping websites? Sure why not as long as you are making enough of a profit from the websites to support your life abroad. This is a long term business not a short term. People who buy websites like to see history and proof before they depart with their cash. Now you don't have to want to live in Thailand you might want to stay right where you are it's just that living in Thailand is so much cheaper that you could get by on a lousy $1000 a month of income but it will take some time.

Before you run out and start buying any websites make sure you've done your reasearch and have a 2-3 year goal in mind. This business can change rapidly so being flexible is key and having a bit of luck on your website flipping venture can't be bad either.

So if you wanted to make $1000 a month buying and selling websites (flipping websites) then you might be able to do so (not guaranteed) by buying up 50 different websites that each make at least $20 a month. The websites are going to cost you about $250 - $500 each so you're going to have to make a large investment at some point. But if you look at a 3 year plan investing only $2000 a year will be able to get those websites for $6000 and that's only $160 investment each month over three years, this is how you could do it:

1st Year of flipping websites

Buy 9 websites over the course of the year and you invest $2000 but spend $2500 based on profits of the websites you've bought that year. You now have 9 websites that are making you $180 - $200 a month. You improve the websites you have bought so that you can flip the better performing websites for more than you originally paid.

2nd Year of flipping websites

Buy another 15 websites over the course of the year and sold an improved website for double what you paid for. You invested another $2000 in your website flipping business but you spent $5760 on new websites because of one that you sold for $1000 and the $2200 you were getting from the websites you purchased the year before (provided you were able to improve a website and sell it for double what you paid). Now you have a total of 23 websites that are making you $460 a month.

3rd Year of flipping websites

Your third year of the website flip is going good you can buy 2 websites a month without selling any of your existing websites. provided they are all still generating cash

At the end of the 3 years you would have invested $166 a month over that time, your 50 websites would now be worth $25,000 if you sold them back on Flippa and you would have made a profit of $19,000. But why sell them when those websites are now making you over $1000 a month or 30,000 baht a month enough money to live in Thailand or good pocket money for you to stay exactly where you are.

Now it's not as easy as all this so make sure if you do go down this road that you get the right information about flipping websites learn the secrets from the flipping website masters before you go out and spend a bunch of money on websites that don't make any profits at all.

I don't know how many people are living in Thailand that make money solely from flipping websites but I do know a few people who do it but they won't say how much money they make. If you think this is a good idea or have any another comment please let us know below.

Flip Websites


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2 Responses to Flipping Websites – How To Flip Websites

  1. Foxy January 16, 2012 at 4:01 am #

    Looks like this very website may soon become an example of what you’ve just described. Your last two articles were basically affiliate marketing promos. I’m not saying you don’t deserve to monetize your traffic, but why not respect your readers and be totally open about what you’re doing? Hell, why not write an article about doing affiliate marketing in Thailand and tell us how it went, I’d be very interested to know.

    • Chris January 16, 2012 at 10:30 am #

      It may seem like that but not exactly. See the previous article was about steroids in Thailand and yes there is advertising I’ve spent $300 on this website this month so I have to put advertising to pay for it somehow. This article relates to Thailand, I often get emails about how to make money in Thailand so I thought why not write articles about making money with a spin to how it relates to Thailand. This blog isn’t so much about Thailand it’s about Life in Thailand moreso my life in Thailand. And anything to relates to those two topics. Hey maybe someone will read this article not knowing anything about flipping websites and be able to make enough money to be able to come to live in Thailand.
      I am pretty open about what i’m doing with the blog do I make money from the blog, yes, not enough to live in Thailand but it’s enough to cover the time I spend putting into it. I think most readers would be ok knowing if you you click on one of my hotel links and book it through Agoda I get a small commission. I tell people all the time why because I actually have good information and no BS on this site.
      So Foxy i’m glad your interested to learning more about affilate marketing in Thailand so keep posted because this is a subject that I intend to do more of if you think, even if people have negative things to say about me or my blog I still publish them where others don’t and believe me they don’t. I’ve posted comments on a thousand blogs in Thailand negative and good just to see what the owner will do. Most the time they delete the messages because they don’t want to know how full of BS they really are.
      If you have any ideas of what I should write about i’d be happy to hear sometimes it’s hard to come up with things to write everday so if an article you read seems boring it’s probably because i was having a bad day. Thanks for reading mate. cheers

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