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Top 20 Websites In Thailand 2011

The following list of the top 20 most popular websites in Thailand has been sourced from Alexa which is I guess you could say the rating agency of the Web. It's lists are pretty accurate when talking about websites in the top 100,000. This blog is currently rated around 1,800 in Thailand which would basically mean it's the 1,800 hundredth most popular website in Thailand.

If you talk about in traffic terms, number 1 would be like a website anyone with the internet visits every day. Google and Facebook are a given but what suprised me were two different sites Amazon and Pantip.com. I guess Amazon because it wasn't something I really thought Thai people did was buy online but I couldn't be more wrong because there are several shopping sites on the top 20 list. The other website I was even more surprised because the site looks like a train wreck with links all over the place and no structure, but it has a huge following not to mention a massive amount of content about computers and gadgets which Thai people are nuts for.

  1. Google Thailand google.co.th
  2. Facebook facebook.com
  3. Google google.com
  4. You Tube youtube.com
  5. Windows Live live.com
  6. Blogger blogger.com
  7. Yahoo yahoo.com
  8. Sanook sanook.com
  9. Pantip pantip.com
  10. Wikipedia wikipedia.org
  11. Amazon amazon.com
  12. MSN msn.com
  13. MThai mthai.com
  14. Kapook kapook.com
  15. Manager Thailand manager.co.th
  16. 4Shared 4shared.com
  17. Twitter Twitter.com
  18. WordPress wordpress.com
  19. Media Fire mediafire.com
  20. We Love Shopping weloveshopping.com

One of the sites I want to know is 4Shared.com if you've never used 4Shared before you probably will now. If you like to watch movies and listen to music, this site has everything. Do a search and if you can navigate around the maze of links and find the download link you can virtually download for free every music song or video available. Thai people use this to download all their music, just be careful not to download a virus.

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  1. Jacqo March 8, 2014 at 6:42 am #

    You should consider doing a top 10 or 20 of the most interesting blogs about Thailand. This is what I was looking for when your article showed up on Google 😉

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