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Thai people go crazy about the Tablet PC Computer

If you havn't already noticed the Tablet PC is quickly overtaking the Notebook as the most fashionable tech piece for young teens to carry around. I'd like to call it the Thai Tablet PC craze. Thailand is no stranger to trends so it's not that far fetched to see how the Tablet PC is quickly becoming the tech item for the young and hip crowed. 2012 will be the year of the Tablet PC for Thailand if not the world.

The Tablet PC is a device quite like a computer well actually it is a computer but not the kind that first comes to mind. There is no mouse, no keyboard, just a flat screen. Something you could have only dreamed of maybe 10 years ago. The device is very handy as it weighs virtually nothing and can be carried around virtually anywhere. It's linked up to WiFi so as long as your in range you can be surfing the Internet. The Tablet PC using the screen as a keyboard and touch to replace the mouse so virtually all you need is this.

It wouldn't have been maybe 6 months ago that i'd be sitting in my favourite coffee shop in Thailand where I would see maybe 15 odd kids sitting there tapping away at their laptops. Now in that short time it seems all those kids have swapped out their notebooks for the Tablet PC specifically the Ipad which has a heft price tag. But what's more interesting is where before you'd only really see the notebook being used at coffee shops or maybe airports, the Tablet PC is being taken everywhere! I've seen people pulling them out at restaurants, pubs and even nightclubs. It seems people are so wired to their computers now they can't not be connected.

Do I own a Tablet PC? No. Do I want one? YES! HP recently were virtually giving away their Tablet PC with the WebOS operating system for an unbelievable $99 dollars. Needless to say that they sold millions of them in one day. The device probably cost them $200 dollars to make though so you won't be seeing this deal again. In fact HP arn't going to make them anymore because they just couldn't compete against the Ipad. But if they could make one and sell it for $99 they could make a fortune.

So why don't they figure out how to make one for sale for $99 dollars. Here in Thailand they could sell a million of them in no time at all. Thai's love gadgets and computers, even though I think all they do is play games on them, just for the ease of getting on the Internet alone is enough to buy one. But alas just a decent screen on a Tablet PC costs about $60 so it's cost prohibitive.

By the end of the year Amazon will come into the game with what is touted as a $199 dollar Tablet PC. With Amazon's coming into the game let's hope they have an awesome product. I doubt they will get fancy with it like adding camera's that just make it more expensive. What the world needs is a personal device for reading files watching movies, reading books, and most importantly using the Internet oh and for gamers being able to play games. If they can make this device and sell it for $199 dollars or less everyone will buy one, including me!

Tablet Pc

ViewSonic gTablet with 10

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