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Hotels with Soapy Massage Parlors in Thailand

I've practically been to every soapy massage parlor in Thailand and still never get bored. Thought I'd make this list of the best hotels with soapy massage parlors because let's be honest. Some of us aren't the most mobile and if I were coming to Thailand on a sex holiday I'd want to wait up around 1 pm go downstairs pick a girl get her to shower me before laying her out and off to get some breaky. If that sounds like a good time to you then definitely check out this post.

Anyone who knows me knows i'm not cheap when it comes to certain things. Women is one of them. The idea of doing a beach road run with the Pattaya Addicts gang to see who bang the most beach road whores in an afternoon actually makes me a little sick. (Although I do appreciate the sport for what it is, it has it's place). But the soapy massage experience is more like being treated like a king than it is being a tiger trying to hunt for it's prey in the bars. That's why I also prefer the karaoke's and coyote houses because I don't actually have to run around. The same thing with the soapy massage. You won't find any hassle or be uncomfortable about doing it, it's actually the most straightforward ways to have sex in Thailand.

If you can read this post then you already have access to the maps and the soapy massage locations so this list is really just the places I recommend in Thailand where you can actually stay in the hotel as well. They are also super cheap. These soapies only cost 1200-2000 making them real bargains

Petchabun - Barupa Hotel

The best thing about this hotel is that it has everything, it is a bit old but still for being in the boonies it's not too bad. The pool is good to relax at by the day and in the evening there are plenty of places to hang out before you come back to the hotel for the soapy massage, as soon as that's done you walk out the door and the towns best nightclub is there! The people in this town are super friendly and don't see many foriegners. This place is for people of any age really. The best times I've ever had in my life were at this hotel!

More Details also check out the map for Phetchabun.

Korat - Korat Hotel

First time I stayed at this hotel if was immediately after staying at some hovel all I could find place in the middle of Isaan honestly can't remember where it was but it was a whole in the wall place so when I got to this hotel I was super happy. Had wifi and restaurant downstairs the nightclub wasn't open at the time but the soapy massage in the carpark was a lively place. Korat nightlife is exciting too the city is about the size of Chiang Mai with lots going on. There isn't the expat or travel scene like Chiang Mai or other major cities and as such the place is more a melting pot of Thai's from other provinces however there is a local expat scene just don't expect those guys to wanna party. There are plenty of soapy massage parlors in korat view the map check them out.

While there are other soapy massages especially in Bangkok I honestly wouldn't recommend staying at the hotel part of those places and I don't see it as value. These two are the best in the country in terms of price and value and for what's on offer. If you get a chance to get away from Bangkok, chiang mai, pattaya wherever you are check these cities out.

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