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Internet Providers in Thailand

Thailand has a quickly developing IT industry. Fixed telephone lines, mobile telephones, dial-up Internet and ADSL broadband are all available with varying quality. Some remote rural areas will not have access to some, if not all, of these services but will most definitely have wireless phone access.

Two major companies handle most telephone connections in Thailand, TOT and TT&T. True also provides fixed-line services, predominantly in Bangkok.

Call centre: 1100
Call centre: 1103
Call centre: 02 900 9000

Note: These companies do not provide their services to all areas, therefore research is a must for the installation. Determine what is needed for the required area and which company provides the best service before making a decision on the provider it's easiest just to give them a call they all have English services.

International calls

When calling internationally using the standard 001 prefix, calls will go through Cat Telecom (Communications Authority of Thailand). Though for cheaper rates you want to use Skype to make phone calls. You can make phone calls from your cell phone too but it's expensive.

CAT Telecom
Call centre: 1322 (24/7)

When dialing 008 or 007 before the country code, a discounted call charge is applied although call; quality is variable. The prefix 007 is slightly more expensive with a corresponding improvement in quality. Recently other telephone companies have started using additional prefixes to offer discounted call rates. Check websites or local press for details of up to date promotions.

How to get connected

The companies listed above provide English-speaking customer service officers who can answer most enquiries.

Many shopping centres have outlets for both TT&T and TOT. Foreigners who wish to connect a new line or re-connect an existing one must visit the chosen company office and provide the following documentation if they own or lease the property:

Valid visa
A copy of work permit (if applicable) or Certificate of Residence issued by Thai Immigration or Letter of residence from the Embassy certified and translated into Thai

For those who rent a property, a letter from the landlord and a copy of their House Registration Document (Tabien Baan) is also required, although it is normally easier for the landlord to arrange a telephone connection.
Paying bills

Bills are paid monthly, either at the local telecom office, by direct debit, by Internet or telephone banking, at the bank, cheque by post, credit card, direct debit, ATM transfer or at the Post Office. Only certain banks and credit cards will be accepted by individual telecoms providers so it is best to check with the company.
Mobile Telephones

While the sale of mobile phone handsets is a huge business for Thailand, only three companies provide mobile service.

AIS (website in English)
Call centre: 1175
DTAC (website in English)
Call centre: 1678
True Move (website in English)
Call centre: 1331

How to get a telephone

Handsets can be bought at any shopping centre, and most towns, will have many small stalls selling mobile phone units.

SIM cards are sold at most service provider shops throughout the country. A passport is usually necessary to get a prepaid SIM card.
Getting connected

There are two different types of SIM card available:

Pay as you go: the simplest package for new residents or those whose usage is very low. Buy a card (they range in value from 100 to 500 baht) from any mobile phone shop. These can then be topped up as required
Registered accounts: for more permanent residents and offer lower call rates and packages. The service providers require a passport with up to date visa and Work Permit documentation. DTAC only require a passport and credit card, or work permit (last quarter 2009)

Lost mobile telephones

Reports can be made to the service provider to cancel lost mobile telephones. A new phone will be needed, but the new SIM card will be supplied either free or for a small fee.

See AngloINFO INFOrmation page Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones & Credit Cards

Internet Providers

Internet usage is expanding rapidly in Thailand, as is the list of providers. This is a list of Thailand's Internet service providers:

CAT Telecom
Pacific Internet
Jasmin Internet
CS Loxinfo
KSC Internet

Dial-up connection

Many service providers give options for low-use Internet users such as dial-up accounts. These packages are sold at provider shops (such as 7 ELEVEN) or mobile phone shops found all over Thailand. Users receive a dial-up number, a security PIN and a limited time of usage. Each package has
ADSL Broadband Connection

ADSL or broadband is available in most cities in Thailand but rural areas
may not have access, however, other options are available for a premium such as satellite and fibre optic dedicated line services.

Following are the ADSL Broadband suppliers:

If your in Chiang mai and can get 3BB it's super cheap only 699 baht per month and with great quality and fast connection.

Getting a broadband connection

Service providers don't have access to all areas. Firstly, a check must be made to see if connection is possible. Residences need to be within approximately 2 to 3 Km of the telephone exchange for a successful connection.

To establish an account the following documents are required:

Valid visa
A copy of work permit (if applicable) or Certificate of Residence issued by Thai Immigration or Letter of residence from the person's embassy certified and translated into Thai

Note: Usually, a fixed telephone line will be an added bonus when broadband is connected so there is no need for a second telephone connection.
Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Wi-Fi hot spots are an ever increasing trend in coffee shops (Starbucks) and other venues such as Central Department Stores and McDonalds. Customers access the Internet for an hourly fee or for free as long as they buy products or services from the supplier.

Internet Providers in Thailand

Internet Providers in Thailand How to get the internet in Thailand

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