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Internet Celebrities of Thailand

Having lived in Thailand the past 5 years I honestly have no idea of the going on's back in the USA and since it's been 10+ years since I lived in my motherland Australia I have no idea how Social Media has changed things there but what I know is people here spend more time online than they do on TV and must I say it's not easy getting a Thai away from the soaps they love it.

Thai's are equally infatuated internet celebrities as they are real celebrities and to be truthfully honest I didn't see what all the fuss was about until zyzz died in Bangkok I didn't know about the guy and 10,000 people hit that page. So today while i'm going through the You Like a page that I and 2 million others follow they showed this clip:


Dude WTF

So this clip isn't that exciting I can't tell if it's a parody or she's trying to be cool, the song from ใบเตย has those pulsating sounds that Thai's enjoy and the arms can be thrown about......is this really what life's come to. I can see Thai girls soon becoming more and more comfortable with implants, don't think you'd find a Thai right now who doesn't already want the nose. To become an internet celebrity in Thailand for a girl, you kinda need them.

It's not just girls either that can become internet celebrities in Thailand and not just Thai people either. You're not always going to be judged fairly either just take a look at Sharky in Pattaya:

I wonder how the future will come back to embarrass the kids doing stupid shit when they become parents and have offspring. Imagine being able to Google some stupid shit your parents did, the girl in the first video, I'm sure when her kids grow up the clothes will be less and the tits bigger.

This being Thailand for what Thailand is and like I said you don't have to be a girl to be an internet celebrity, you could always just dress up as one and voila, instant stardom. Ladyboy shows her underwear in rice paddies in rural Thailand. Truly Thailand internet celebrity stardom at it's finest.

sexy pancake

Interestingly enough the ladyboy (sexy Pancake as she's known) is as popular as the former Prime minister of Thailand Thaksin gotta say mate, doesn't look bright for good old Thaksin. Interestingly enough sexy Pancake has gone away for 4 weeks. I'm dreaming makeover.

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