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New Information on Unexplained Deaths In Chiang Mai Hotel

A few weeks ago I wrote a post bout the unexplained deaths in Chiang Mai and how several people have died in the hotel, some on the same night, the same room, even an elderly couple who died in their sleep together in the same room, and someone else died in the room next to them the same night.

This is more than a coincidence and people have been crying foul play. The New Zealand father of one of the girls has been in the media pressuring the government to get answers in his daughters unsolved death. Well it seems we have an answer now and as I suspected there was no foul play involved nor any sort of conspiracy to cover up. Just because someone dies and people can't figure out why doesn't mean it's some sort of cover up, and the father of the New Zealand father understandably wanted answers but was too quick to blame the Thai police who always do a great job in solving these sorts of things.

So how was their deaths caused?

Bed Bug Spray Toxin May Have Killed 7 People In Chaing Mai

Bed Bug Spray Toxin May Have Killed 7 People In Chaing Mai

The hotel has been cleared of wrongdoing and honestly I doubt they were the ones spraying this toxin around the hotel. Typically the pest problems are contracted out to a company who may come by ever 3 months or so to spray chemicals to get rid of any pests. Why were there so many bugs on the beds i don't know I know plenty of hotels that don't have that problem because they regularily spray, but what's being sprayed noone knows.

It was discovered that a Toxin known as chlorpyrifos was discovered in the rooms of the deceased, this is a pesticide actually banned in several countries because of the potentially lethal properties. It has been reported that the room was tested 3 months after the deaths and even being cleaned there were still high concentrations of the pesticide suggesting that at the time of the death it was have been potentially lethal.

Noone has had charges brought against them even the company putting the pesticides in the rooms hasn't been ordered to stop using it. Perhaps the rooms should be cleaned properly to rid any traces of the toxin so that future deaths can be provented.

Overal Chiang Mai is a safe place to stay. But if you do intend on staying here I suggest looking into a safe hotel in Chiang Mai Thailand.

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2 Responses to New Information on Unexplained Deaths In Chiang Mai Hotel

  1. richard January 26, 2012 at 11:04 am #

    not a surprise that the spray they used is banned in other countries. i found the same with medication i have brought in thailand. taken it back stateside to find out it was on a FDA list as causing liver damage.

  2. John April 25, 2017 at 11:50 pm #

    I used Chlorpyrifos that I bought at a local hardware store in country Thailand.
    It comes in one litre bottles. I diluted it with water and used it to spray fire ant nests.
    I’m highly allergic to fire ant bites. So much so, I had an analphylactic reaction after I accidently stood on a fire ant nest while doing some plumbing work.
    Luckily I had some anti-histamine tablets and was able to recover after an hour or so.
    I used a dilute mix to give the dogs a bath. It killed all their fleas and ticks. I didn’t use any gloves or protective clothing. The dogs were so happy to be relieved of the itching they ran around the house and were never as full of life and energy as they were at that time.
    A few weeks/months later I noticed my toes had gone numb, but that faded after a few months. Apparently they used to use Chlorpyrifos as a cattle dip in Australia.
    I think it was banned not for any ill effects on the cattle but because it was detected in the meat for export.

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