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7 Dead at Chiang Mai Downtown Inn Hotel

It's stolen the lives of 7 tourists to Chiang Mai. The Downtown Inn Hotel is still open after 7 unexplained deaths have been reported some of those deaths are actually in the same room. Some have even died laying next to each other as well as next door to each other.

7 Dead at Chiang Mai Downtown Inn Hotel

7 Dead at Chiang Mai Downtown Inn Hotel

Noone has yet to figure out the causes of the 7 deaths, Thai's are saying that the hotel is haunted of the past lives that have been lost and which is why deaths keep happenning.

For the most recent deaths of two young New Zealanders the story becomes even more tangled. Emma Langlands and Amanda Eliason, both 23, took a taxi to the hotel before setting out to get dinner at the local Night Bazaar. They awoke the next day feeling ill, in 24 hours they were dead.

Because noone can conclusivlely conclude foul play or the cause of death, the hotel remains open as well as the mystery that surrounds the several people who have allready died at the Downtown Inn Hotel.

There is a conspiracy that the Thai Authorities are covering up details about the story but from a second hand source who is involved in the Tourist Police squad in Chiang Mai the claims have no basis.

A cover up for a death or two would be all plausable but after several deaths it's too hard to cover up because too many people know details about the case.

If there is no coverup to this story then what is it that is killing guests? Police claim co-incidence because there was an erderly couple who died (though they both died the same time lying next to each other).

Looking at reviews of the Downtown Inn Hotel guests complain of dirty conditions and lack of air in the rooms. All the guests who died had eaten at the hotel, if the rooms are dirty you can bet the kitchen is too.

It's advised that all travellers do not stay at the hotel out of safety. Try looking for a safe Hotel in Chiang Mai.

There has been an update on the unexplained deaths in chiang mai.

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