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Swinging is Illegal in Thailand – Couple Arrested

A couple was arrested in by police in Chumpon yesterday after posting an ad on a website for 4 or 5 men to have an orgy with the man's wife. The couple was fined 500 baht for indecency. The man claims that his wife has a high sexual drive and wanted to have the men come meet them in Chumpon. Each man would have to pay 500 baht for travelling expenses if they were to go meet them. The woman of the couple claims she is not a prostitude and simply has desires to sleep with many men at the same time.

2 girls one guy

Swinging in Thailand A Bad Idea

Police launched a sting operation of the couple who have been married for two years. It's claimed that they arranged to meet and police were ready to pay for expenses to have them come meet them. On arrival the couple were captured and spent some time at the police station but after paying the 500 baht fine they were released.

Orgies and group sex are forbidden by law, if a foriegner were involved the fine would be excessivly high however thai's typically get away with indecent acts through a 500 baht fine. It's not recommended that you involve yourself with these activities in Thailand as you could get caught out.

Many similar cases are recorded by the papers all the time mostly involving thai's. If they had exchanged naked pictures they could have got 15years in jail!! So whatever you do in thailand, do you send pictures through the net unless you stay anonymous.

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