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Couple Arrested for Soliciting money for Sex Cam In Thailand

On the 8th of July 2011 at 6:40pm the police joined forces with the Division of Child Welfare and Women, to track down and arrest a couple in Nakhon Sawan who were making extra money online in Thailand by setting up a web cam in their hotel room, room 409 at Thai Resort 17/99 Moo 9, Bang Nuanchan Buengkum, the web cam was showing the couple having sex by the request of their clients.
Couple Arrested for Soliciting money for Sex Cam In Thailand

Couple Arrested for Soliciting money for Sex Cam In Thailand

Colonel Samroeng the arresting officer says that the arrest came about because of a number of complaints by parents who's children were seeing ad invites from the couple at the website MeeBoard.com(amazingly the site is still available, probably because the couple solicited users from the site but didn't actually use the site to display naked pictures). The title of the post on the meeboard site was "Like to watch movies but are ready to participate?". The post then goes on to say that Oral is 3500 baht but if the customer wishes to have sex it's 6500 baht. Extremely expensive but the couple had cheaper options where they would show for sex on cam, in fact the customers were often the ones who were on the cam, they were getting paid both ways. Additionally the ad says that only one visitor per time, and if women wanted to attend that's fine too, but again only one at a time. Customers were asked to dial the following telephone number to make a booking 08-3847-9361.

Colonel Samroeng said after receiving numerous complaints, the police intended to lure the couple into a meeting to make the arrest. So at 4:30pm the couple met the undercover officer (who they previously made arrangements) who was then let to the couple's room and proceeded to show sex. The officer then made the arrest.

The couple has been sentenced to jail for a period of no more than 2 years.

Authors Comment

Most Farang have no idea how rampant this sex for money online is. I've read story after story about people getting busted as well as seeing (...perhaps using myself on occasion). 99% of the work is done by sideline girls but an increasing number of frustrated swingers are getting into the action. Many of these Thai Language only sites are full of high school and university students mostly female who are trying to make a few extra baht. It's easy work and they think it's risk free but it isn't. You never know who you might meet, might even end an undercover cop. There are also scam artists out there who are taking advantage of this now too. I've heard people go as far as saying 30% of all university girls are apart of the sex online world.

This article was translated by the author and has been interpreted from Patrol News.

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