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Wake Up Bangkok City ft Snoop Dogg

Well if you haven't seen it yet the Music Video Wake Up from Thaitanium well here it is. ft Snoop Dogg. Doubt it'll be a hit in the U.S. but blowing Kush is a good hook and I can see this song being a classic to the legion of guys who come here for drugs and gangster lifestyles. I've always like the Snoop and rapping with Thaitanium made for a great song.

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One Response to Wake Up Bangkok City ft Snoop Dogg

  1. Steve September 7, 2014 at 5:24 am #

    Do you know what happened when Snoop made a track about Rio? Every black thug wanna be from the USA poured into Rio and totally ruined the place with their ghetto, ignorant shit, throwing money around trying to show who was the biggest player. Those idiots drove up the prices on just about everything. Hopefully, the flight to Bangkok is too long for them, otherwise, kiss that place good-bye too.

    Decent enough track for Thailand. Though, considering “kush” is illegal in Thailand, it seems kind of juvenile from them to try to represent their country as a place to get high. Then again, making the wrong decision is typical Thai behavior.

    Anyway, those guys…. ehhh… they sound like they are trying too hard. Snoop is OK though. The beat is hard. Snoop must have owed someone a favor to do a track with them, or he’s just hard up for cash. These guys are beneath him for sure. Even the chroma key / green screen work in the video is low budget. Not bad, but not pro fo shizzle my nizzle.

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