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Chinese Takes a dump in the Moat

chinese takes a dump in the moat

The stories lately about the Chinese bad behaviour in Chiang Mai continues with a photo of an apparent Chinese tourist in Chiang Mai taking a dump in the moat. Does the photo really show what appears to be a lady taking a crap in moat?

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Americans in Hospital after Savage Karaoke Attack

Krelo Club Karoake Chiang Mai

Two american men recovered in hospital after a savage beating by Karoake staff at the Krelo Karaoke Chang Klan Chiang Mai. Yesterday at approximately 8:30am 18th of January 2014 Chiang Mai police received a call of help from 2 american men. The police went to investigate. When the police arrived they met a John Gregory [...]

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English girls walking naked around a temple in Chiang Mai

This afternoon police in Chiang Mai were called to Wat Phra Sing in the center of Chiang Mai that there were 3 foriegn girls walking around the temple dressed in nothing but bikinis. The police escorted 2 of the girls to a shop so they could buy some clothes to cover up. The girls were [...]

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Guy Beaten and robbed in Chiang Mai

I get to hear a lot of gossip and lots of stories from guys around Thailand and especially Chiang Mai. This story was sad but kinda funny so I thought I’d share. This guy is down at Spicy late at night drinking with his girlfriend when they decide to head home and takes a shortcut [...]

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Thai Girl Seeks Swingers only 500 Baht

thai girl swingers

Latest viral video sensation in Thailand, video of this young Thai girl asking for guys interested in swinging to join her. It’s not clear if she really wants a gang bang or she has other girls available for swinging but the video makes it quite clear, she’s keen. She goes on to talk about how [...]

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Filming of The Coup in Chiang Mai

Cute Thai Girl

The big news for the past few weeks is the new Hollywood production being filmed right here in Chiang Mai called The Coup. Don’t be surprised if you see Owen Wilson one of the stars in the movie walking around he’s even got a double here doing stunts as well. Most of the filming has [...]

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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Krabi

cliff diving in Thailand

์Not for the squeamish or scared of heights jumping of a cliff looks great on TV better in person but to actually do it myself I’d sit that one out. The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Finale ended at as Russia’s Artem Silchenko became the world champion with a spectacular 27 meter dive from a cliff [...]

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Homeless Guys in Pattaya

homeless guys in pattaya

Hey Guys welcome to the first new installment of the Thai Girl of the Week posts. If you didn’t get the email basically I’ve started working with the Thai Police here in Chiang Mai so my time has become pretty limited along with my other online ventures so over the coming months you’ll see less [...]

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Sex wearing Thai Uniform is Better

Sex wearing Thai Uniform is Better

Students from Thammasat university are in protest about wearing the Thai university uniform when going for the mid term exams. The students are forced to wear the uniform for if they don’t the grade will not be appointed to them. So in protest they made up this poster which is pretty funny. The poster reads: [...]

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Yet another Naked Motorcyclist in Bangkok

Video of a guy driving around Bangkok Naked on his KSR motorbike

New Video out of a guy in Bangkok driving a KSR motorbike around the streets of Bangkok. The guy is carrying a backpack which we can assume his clothes are in. Why is he driving around Naked? Maybe a dare? Not sure but we do know this isn’t the first time Thai’s have been busted [...]

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Thai Guy Punch Up at Canada Badminton Open

Thai Guy Punch Up at Canada Batminton Open

A big punch up between to guys from Thailand at the Canada Open Badminton tournament has caused a viral sensation with the clip getting millions of views in only a few hours after it’s release. The Badminton World Federation has launched an investigation after a fight broke out between two former doubles partners at the Canada Open [...]

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Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai will soon have the opening of Art In Paradise a huge interactive Art Museum. Pattaya already has an art in Paradise and Chiang Mai is the a logical next place for them but no doubt we’ll end up seeing a Bangkok and Phuket version of Art in Paradise because this place is super [...]

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Crash at Thapae Gate in Chiang Mai

Thapae Gate

Driving anywhere in Thailand can be dangerous and a majority of accidents I’ve seen seem almost impossible to pull off for someone with any kind of driving skills. So today I’m walking up the street to go to 7 Eleven when I see this accident. Believe it or not it’s not the first time I’ve [...]

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