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Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a 5 star Resort and Hotel but thought it was too pricey? Then think again, the Information Reviews Maps of Shangri-La Hotel in Chiang Mai is a 5 star hotel right in the centre of the city and it’s prices less than $150! This same hotel if it were in the middle of New York would cost over $1000 and you still wouldn’t have the same service as you would at a Thailand Hotel.

The hotel located on Chang Clarn road is only a 5minute walk to the famous Chiang Mai night bazaar. All the rooms are amazing and have great views of the city.

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Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai

Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai

Tips and Tricks:

If you contact the hotel in advance they will arrange for a driver to pick you up at the airport and drive you straight to the hotel, don’t worry about reception messing it up, they are a 5 star hotel in chiang mai and reception speaks fluent english.

Map of the Shangri-La Hotel In Chiang Mai:

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