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45 year old Thai man rapes his 9 year old daughter

Yesterday on the 26th Police in Suphan Buri arrested the 45y/o stepfather of a young 9 year old girl only in Grade four, for the suspicion of rape of a child under 15 years old. The article describes how a Mr Dodo (assumed name) .

The 46y/o mother of the young girl in question described how Mr Dodo raped her little girl on the 15th of July. Describing in detail how he picked up the little girl after school on his motorbike. That time of day the girls mother hadn't yet gone home from work which made a Mr Dodo a good opportunity to imply his lust. Mr Dodo raped the girl 1 time then told the girl if she dared tell anyone that he would kill her.

He then raped the young girl 3 days later he had another opportunity and raped her in the morning and 9 o'clock the same evening again.

A few days later the mother was massaging her daughter when Mr Dodo the stepfather started to help. But he helped a little too much, taking his hand to rub the girls private parts. The mother noticed this and started to wonder if he had done this before. She questioned her daughter who revealed yes she had been raped by Mr Dodo, she went to the police shortly after.

Mr Dodo revealed to police after questioning that he has very high unusual sex drive and couldn't resist himself since he was alone with the girl which is why he raped the girl several times when his wife wasn't around to satisfy him.

Police arrested and charged him for raping a girl not over 15, he will be sentenced soon.

45 year old Thai man rapes his 9 year old daughter

45 year old Thai man rapes his 9 year old daughter

You can read the post in Thai here.

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