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22 Year old man in Thailand rapes a 5 year old girl

Lust caught up with the man who raped a young child only 5 years old who was left in his care at the local Chonburi shopping mall.

22 Year old man in Thailand rapes a 5 year old girl

22y/o Department Store Employee rapes little girl

The man pretended to be a lover of children but really he had something sinister in mind. The opportunistic rapist took the child who was left in his care at the department store in Chonburi while his mother was shopping. It just goes to show that as a mother, you can't take your eyes off the ball, and never leave your child with strangers.

Chonburi Provincial Court issued a warrant No. 285/2554 dated 2 June 2011 to arrest Mr. Big (assumed name), aged 22 years, accused of rape of a girl not more than 15 years of age Pornakedeu away from their parents. For carrying pornography and molesting children up to the age of 13 years who are not their wives.

On May 31 last Mrs. Paveena (assumed name), aged 33 years, brought her daughter Crab (assumed name), aged 5 years old to play at the mall in Chonburi. She left her child with one of the employees at the shop she was shopping at to take care of her while she went shopping. When she returned she found that something was wrong with her child and the child was left sitting crying on the terrace with alcohol gel stains stuck to her pants. When she returned home she took her daughter to the bathroom and found alcohol and liquid gel stains around her genitals as well as visible swelling. She asked her child to cough and found the child also had abdominal pains and then had a fever for several days as well as an uneasy feeling of never wanting to visit the mall again.

After time had past she started to put the pieces together than the man at the department store must have raped her child when she left her with his care. The accused Mr Big.

The childs mother then went back to the department store and demanded to view the CCTV footage which catches Mr. Big taking the girl away and returning some time later, noone can explain why he took her away. Combined with the CCTV and the mothers testimony was enough for the police to issue a warrant for Mr. Big.

Department stores who have services that look after children while parents shop, should have more due diligence in their hiring practices and background checks of staff, as well as a better way to monitor the children so that they are actually being monitored at all times.

Daily News Thailand

Credit goes to the Daily News for Breaking this story.

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2 Responses to 22 Year old man in Thailand rapes a 5 year old girl

  1. rajesh bobal August 10, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

    I have been to thailand 3 times in the last 1 year.I found people are very rude there, particularly street vendors or small shopkeepers.They only runs after the money, thai girls shouts very loudly, thai guys are also the same.D very much problem that they can not speak english it seems they never have been to school, otherwise thai girls are very nice may be I m wrong please let me know.I like coming to this country because it is very cheap there. It is costly to explore within India than thailand.

    • Michael July 13, 2015 at 12:04 pm #

      You are either wrong or maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe just the wrong place all the time. But Thai people are generally very friendly and every youths of this country learn to respect teachers and are mostly educated in their own way. Of course if you think you were surrounded by uneducated people than you were probably at the wrong place as I said in the beginning.
      And honestly this article is not even well written. Anybody could be a rapist or a child molester, mall employees, politicians, policeman. You wouldn’t believe the number of pedophiles in poitics, almost unbelievable. I’m no proffessional but I can tell that the writer is not very good, but you’ve got to start somewhere right ? I respect that.
      Anyway, just wrote this comment for the hell of it.
      Bye !

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