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60y/o man kills his wifes 54y/o lover

An elderly gentleman aged 60 years left the province to go to work and on his return found out that some guy in his early fifties brought his clothes over to the mans house, a fight ensuwed but the older guy couldn't fight him and was losing. Still angry he went to his other house in Ratchaburi and got his gun and made a plan to come back to kill his wife's lover.

60 year old man kills his wifes 54 year old lover

60 year old man kills his wifes 54 year old lover

On the 30th of August the police were notified of a shooting in Amphoe Muang Chayaphum. On arrival the police found Mr Daatd Pangsawaang the man who had shot his wifes lover, holding an Automatic 9mm handgun driving the deceased mans brown isuzi pickup truck around in circles inside his moo barn shouting out loudly "Hey this is my wifes lover". He was attracting the attention of his neighbors. What was frightening however was behind his truck Mr Daatd had tied a rope around the dead mans neck and tied the other end of the rope to the truck as he slowly drove and dragged the body for all his neighbors to see and know that he had killed his wifes lover.

The acting deputy at the scene got out his megaphone and asked the driver to relenquish the gun and surender. Mr Daatd the driver yelled in reply

"Ok I will give up and accept responsibility, but I want to put another 5 more bullets into this guy first".

He then pointed the gun at the man and fired another 5 bullets into his body. As he said, he then got out of his pickup and gave himself up.

The police inspected the body and found 15 bullets in the dead man all the bullets were still in the mans body from the shoulders up.

After interviewing Mr Daatd police found out that when he returned he saw his wifes lover Mr Brasert picking up his mates to go to work. He walked up to his truck and fired 3 bullets into his head, pulled him out of the truck and tied the nylon rope around his neck and to the truck before driving it around the moo barn for everyone to see.

Just another crazy act of jelousy that you see over and over and over again in Thailand.

News article translated and interpreted by Chris from the following news article http://tnews.teenee.com/crime/70541.html

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