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Secrets Pattaya

Secrets Pattaya Back in Business

In Thailand there is the law and then there are ways around the law and it seems if you have a successful business in Thailand no matter how illegal it actually is you’ll find a way to keep it going […]

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Police Checkpoints in Chiang Mai

Police Checkpoints in Chiang Mai

After many years in Chiang Mai cruising around on the bike I’ve come to realise that the police are doing the same checkpoints at the same time of day or night at the same spot all the time. I havn’t […]

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Thailand Graffiti Crew Videos

Thailand Graffiti Crew Videos

When it comes to arts and drawing so many Thai people have a flair and a knack for drawing and painting pretty much anything. Here are some videos of some Thai guys in Bangkok who have made the underground graffiti […]

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What happens when you get caught drink drivign in Pattaya

What happens when you get caught drink driving in Pattaya

This letter was sent to me from a reader regarding the recent crackdown on drink driving in Thailand. You shouldn’t be driving drunk especially in Pattaya so if you get caught you really can’t complain about the repercussions. In the […]

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Thailand Online Dating Site Scams

Thailand Online Dating Site Scams

If you are new to the whole Thai online dating scene then it’s imperative that you read this post and even if you’ve been around the block a few times with online dating sites like Thai Love Links and Thai […]

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Thai Bar Fights

Best Pattaya Thailand Bar Fights

A lot of Thai girls are just nuts, and it seems they like to congregate in Pattaya, no big surprises there. A lot of tourists with cameras and video camera’s on the prowl in Pattaya as well so maybe that’s […]

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Foreign Undercover Police Informer in Thailand

Interview with a Foreign Undercover Police Informer in Thailand

It’s a well known fact that there are foreigners here working as undercover police informers. But who are these guys, what motivates them, how did they get into this line of work, what are the dangers involved and how do […]

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online dating Scams In Thailand

How to avoid getting bitten by the Jet Ski Scam

The Jet Ski Scam in Thailand is an oldie to Thailand, most people have heard about it, a lot of people have been stung by the scam as well.The scam is most often played in resort cities of Phuket, Pattaya […]

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Is the Australian shooting of Lynda Cody really a Hoax

Is the Australian shooting of Lynda Cody really a Hoax?

I reported the other day about the shooting of Australian Teacher Lynda Cody in Chiang Mai is full of holes. Firstly it was reported by the Age newspaper, yet there are no real accounts by any journalist in Thailand, I […]

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Couple Arrested for Soliciting money for Sex Cam In Thailand

Couple Arrested for Soliciting money for Sex Cam In Thailand

On the 8th of July 2011 at 6:40pm the police joined forces with the Division of Child Welfare and Women, to track down and arrest a couple in Nakhon Sawan who were making extra money online in Thailand by setting […]

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Mass raid on Pattaya Warehouse nets smuggled ciggarettes

Mass raid on Pattaya Warehouse nets smuggled cigarettes

Pattaya police raid warehouses and find smuggled cigarettes and pirated products valued at 10 million baht and counting. On July 5 at 18:30 Pattaya police were given a search warrant to search the premises of a company in Pattaya. A […]

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Getting Robbed In your Hotel By a Thai Girl

Getting Robbed In your Hotel By a Thai Girl

For as long as I’ve been coming to Thailand I must have heard the same old story on each trip, “Man gets robbed by Thai girl in his room”. It’s a little embarrassing actually that this happens over and over […]

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New Information on Unexplained Deaths In Chiang Mai Hotel

A few weeks ago I wrote a post bout the unexplained deaths in Chiang Mai and how several people have died in the hotel, some on the same night, the same room, even an elderly couple who died in their […]

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Timeshare scams in Thailand

Thailand just like any other country has a number of organized scams, from jetski scams to Tuk Tuk tailor scams but one of the most profitable scams plaguing Thailand right now is the Timeshare scam. How does the Timeshare scam […]

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Are Thai Police Really Corrupt?

You’ve heard the story of a corrupt police officer in Thailand, taking money for traffic violations other monies from restaurants hotels and pretty much wherever they can get it. But have you actually witnessed any of this? In every country […]

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7 Dead at Chiang Mai Downtown Inn Hotel

It’s stolen the lives of 7 tourists to Chiang Mai. The Downtown Inn Hotel is still open after 7 unexplained deaths have been reported some of those deaths are actually in the same room. Some have even died laying next […]

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