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Gold Digger Gangs in Thailand

Ask children around the world what they want to be when they grow up. The guys will say a fireman, policeman, doctor, politician while the girls are more likely to be models, actors, celebrities. But as some of these kids get older reality bites and their talents known and those kids end up being bricklayers, criminals and skanky whores. While Thailand isn't much different there is a breed of woman in Thailand who's whole purpose goal and career in life is to make money dating foreigners.

By the time a woman who has chosen a career in dating Farang has made it to 35 she's probably either rich or flat broke. At 35 likely had more than 50 partners and with no formal instruction speaks better English than 99% of University graduates yet has never had a real job. This is the life of the Gold Digger in Thailand.

thai gold digger

This phenomena is not new at all, ever since the days of the Vietnam war many Thai girls have educated themselves into art of "how to get a Farang to pay everything". It's not the girls alone that are spurring each new crop of Gold Diggers graduates. Often families and tradition are interwoven that creates pressure for many young girls to "get married" or to "find a Farang".

When a Thai girl get's married by tradition the groom pays what is called sin sod, a dowry given to the parents of the bride is to show that the groom has what it takes to take care of their daughter. While this tradition is very old school it's only that westerners are perceived to have more money than Thai's start seeing dollar signs.

Why some Thai Girls need Farang Money

  • Their family are very poor and they want to marry up
  • Certain family members are in debt
  • Over indulgence in consumerism
  • Enjoy foreign cock and just want way to get paid to get it
  • Sees foreigners as an easy way to not have to work

If you havn't had a Thai girl ask you for money then don't be proud of that because it just means you havn't had enough Thai pussy to qualify to comment on my experience. But just because she asked for sin sod or even 500 baht for a cab she may not be a Gold Digger either so it's important to understand and to identify these types of girls and know to deal with them.

How to spot a Thai Gold Digger

I've never met a gold digger that spent a lot of money on their own digs so if she lives in a nice place someone else is paying for it. If her pad resembles that of a dog kennel and she's courting you this is an obvious sign as is the continued mention that she can't pay her bills. You should look out for girls who speak understandable English and encourage you to eat at expensive restaurants. If she's not a racing fan and persists in asking you about your ride could be a red flag too. If you met the girl in a known gold diggers nightlife spot like Spicy then this too is a red flag.

How Thai Girls Make Money out of dating foreigners

Don't get me wrong there's no need to be a total scrooge either, spend as much money as your willing to spend, or nothing at all, by all means that's your choice. What Gold diggers want though is money and they have their ways of getting it.

I don't have any money

I actually prefer girls who simply say they have no money, it's probably true! A gold digger is more likely to not mention herself and money but over emphasize how poor her and her family are and how much her bills cost.

Small scams

There are Lots of petty Gold Diggers in Thailand and it's often a shock to Fish (new to Thailand) when a chick asks for 300 baht for the cab as you then watch her climb on the bus. Taking you to buy a new tailored suit or helping with your trip reservations even getting you to and from your hotel, there are ways to make commissions on anything. If you're that guy just remember that the gold diggers ultimate goal is to get you to pay for a vacation around Thailand on your dime.

I'm pregnant give me money

Most guys on vacation having a good time don't really sweat the few baht here and there even paying for an escort for a few weeks to take you around Thailand is within most peoples budgets, but that's where it should end. There should be no going back home and sending money and often if you don't a gold digger will pull the "i'm pregnant card". She may ask for thousands of dollars to get an abortion to even more elaborate schemes to get money out of you. Rubber up always!

The previous examples are just a few ways gold diggers will get money from you, basic common sense and street smarts goes a long way.

Gold Digger Gangs

No kidding Thailand has gangs of gold diggers. Though I can't name names there is a well known gold digging gang in Chiang Mai that are typically found at Spicy some of the members are bar girls from Loi Kroh other members get by day to day from handouts of from family and graduated members of the gang. The more senior girls in the group have guys sending them money each month and the ring leader is well known for having married 2 guys and got handsome payouts from both as well as continued support from rich admirers back in Europe. These gangs also setup multiple Facebook profiles that help fool unsuspecting tourists about their true intentions. This type of gang has sprung up in Thailand's major cities Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Hua Hin and are mostly independent. Younger girls, friends of existing members are drawn to the life when they see their seniors spending lots of money typically phones, computers, and housing for the family and loads of free drinks at the clubs.

How to Play the Gold Digger

Some of the gold diggers are pretty hot and theirs nothing wrong with pursuing one as long as you're getting more out of the deal than she is. But these girls arn't dumb either. If they think you're too stingy or don't have any money they will often try to figure this out before sleeping with you. this may require you to spend some money which is what most guys do.

Then there are the other guys who use false hope, promising a trip to Phuket or whatever then before that they skip out. This tactic works as a tourist but if you live here it can burn you. If you live here it's probably best to avoid the gold diggers and work more on your dating game.

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4 Responses to Gold Digger Gangs in Thailand

  1. Reeon March 17, 2014 at 3:58 am #

    I never understood how foreigners can be dumb enough to get fucked by that type of women. They are so fucking obvious about their intentions… I agree with you: forgetting about them and focusing on all the other cool and easy girls is much better. Paying for sex in Thailand is just total nonesense. This is not how it goes here unless you’re a fucking loser 😀 A nice smile, a pad thai or a som tam in the street and that’s it: fuck time as arrived 😉

    • Skins November 30, 2014 at 10:07 pm #

      Some dudes have never touched a beautiful woman in their life prior to arriving in Thailand… Good pussy is some powerful shit! It will make a smart man do some stupid things. Put a whore up in a nice condo, send her monthly payments, take them on trips. I’ve seen it all!

      It’s good that there are sites like this to smack some sense into these dummies… When you leave Thailand, take your heart and your wallet with you. When one farang is flying out of Thailand another is flying in. These chicks aren’t waiting around for anyone. I too have met girls with several foreign boyfriends sending them 30,000B+ per month.

      And I disagree about paying for sex… Pussy always costs something. Remember, time is money too! The BJ bar is a fantastic value. 😉

  2. klaus July 1, 2015 at 3:57 pm #

    in the anglo saxson sytem : the money is the God : (usa, uk,australia Etc.)
    The anglo saxon children teached buy imperyalist systems teachers TO BUY SEX ..
    it goes like: you will work , make money . and after go bar buy GİRL AND FUCK.
    if you need woman..

    There will be no romantic love teached to anglo saxson children,
    because LOVE AND ROMANTİzM waste of time for imperyalist system.

    actually Gold digger Thai girls & the heartless randy anglo saxons foreigners very suitable together a nice pair. because: avaricious thai girl wants get paid and the anglo drunk monkey want quick sex only. soo happy together.

    Thai girls not really guilty % 100
    because anglo saxon guys style spoil the girls.

    go anywhere in the world to the bars where prostitutes are
    you will see the MOST costumers nation the cousine goes :
    1. UK 2. US . 3 AUSTRALİAN randy
    the sytem slaves are there MOST sitting on bar with their ugly tattoos and no hair on head, and every second word FUCK when they talk.
    so no need warn the anglo men..they seem happy with their sluts..
    nobody will respect a anglo man without pay
    because he never learn how to talk with a NORMAL lady at all…

    • Skeptic June 19, 2017 at 9:40 am #

      Clearly written by the type of person this article is about. There are so many lies and inaccuracies in your response that it is easy to tell that you never took the time to learn anything about the people you hate so much. Just because you have traveled to a country and spent a week there, doesn’t mean that you understand anything at about that place. How long does it take foreigners to learn about Thailand? You expect to know everything about a place because you took a picture there, ate nice food, and had light that bounced off a well-known physical object enter your eye?

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