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How many kindle fires have been sold

Well the Kindle Fire went on sale last Tuesday but it's been available for pre-order for a few months now so the big question out there is "How many Amazon Kindle Fire have been sold". While you'd think it'd be a simple question to answer the problem is no one really knows how many kindle fires have been sold because Amazon just won't release the data yet.

I don't think the problem is Amazon doesn't want to release these figures especially if they have outsold the Ipad they'd want to publish that information it'd mean more press and honestly more sales for the kindle fire, however Amazon can't just release sales figures, it's a publicly traded company and as such releasing such figures you'd bet the SEC would be up there ass for one thing or the other.

Sarah Rotman Epps of Forrester Research told CNN Money that she is predicting anywhere between 3 to 5 million will be sold in 2011. Now that is a huge number of items and if they were true it would mean Amazon should be pretty ecstatic about the number of kindle fires that's been sold.

I'm always writing about Amazon because I think it's a great company, I love how they have changed the way people buy and sell books. Even i've written a few books that sell on the Kindle. Now that the Kindle line is the cheapest out there I can really see Amazon growing even more.

Now selling 3 even 5 million Kindle fires would be an achievement on it's own but how much would Amazon be making if it sold that many Kindle Fires. Again we don't know that until Amazon releases it's quarter earnings. However in my opinion I don't think they make much out of the Kindle Fire at all and may even make a small loss but they hope to make it up in online sales of it's services.

If the Kindle Fire does sell 3-5million units this year (and there is only 6 weeks left till Christmas) it would mean it outsold the Ipad on it's launch which is pretty impressive seeing you can only buy an Amazon Kindle Fire if you live in the USA. But before you go comparing the Kindle Fire to the Ipad think again. They are two completely different animals. The Kindle Fire is every bit of it's cheap $200 price tag but still pretty good for what you pay for. There is no camera no GPS and no notepad! Basically what the Kindle Fire is good for is watching movies surfing the net and maybe reading books but the glare on the screen is a bit much to sit down and read a novel all night.

how many kindle fires have been soldAs you can see the blog Cult of Android got hold of a leaked screen shot of sales figures of the Kindle Fire. I can't personally verify it but they say they can and the Kindle is selling around 20,000 Kindle Fires a day. So when people ask how many kindle fires have been sold you can basically use those figures. But they are for pre-sales and now that it's actually on sale where you can order it and get the Kindle Fire sent to you my guess is the sales are around 50,000 plus per day which would give you 3 million sold before the end of the year. Amazing.

The Kindle Fire is a generation 1 device so just like the Ipads first attempt it's not going to be the best but it is a great start. If Amazon can crack the cheap end of the Tablet market they won't just have their foot in the door they will be all the way through it. I believe the cheap Tablet market is worth more than the High end which Apple already owns. I predict that by next Christmas there will be a generation 2 device for the Kindle Fire and if people havn't bought the first generation they will get the second.

Only problem I've found with the Kindle fire is there is no SD slot but there is a USB slot so it's actually simple to Rooting the Kindle Fire. You can find instructions for rooting the Kindle Fire here. Though unless your an experienced android user I wouldn't root it right now, wait a little longer until there is more information out there and the gurus have been through the process a few times as we say down under if you Root the Kindle Fire it'll be rooted.

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