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How to get to Chiang Mai Speed Karts

Who wouldn't like the thrill of racing around the track and if you're looking for a great course fast wheels then Chiang Mai Speed Karts is how you and your mates should blow off some steam. Chiang Mai Speed Karts are not to be confused with Chiang Mai Go Karts. This place is the real deal with powerful 270CC go karts that zoom around the track at high speeds. Go Karting in Chiang Mai is super fun. They have a competition coming up and would be good to see a Farang take it to the top seed so get practicing!

chiang mai go kart track

chiang mai speed kart

If you're interested in really racing the next competition is on October 6th 2013 entry is only 800 baht. You will have to qualify before the fifth of next month in order to race. So go to Chiang Mai Speed Karts to sign up before the end of this month. Even if you're not racing going out that day to check out the races would be fun in itself.Races will be held in the following divisions.

Go Kart Divisions

Professional under 70 Kg
Professional over 70 Kg
Amateur under 70 Kg
Amateur over 70 Kg
Open 4 Cycle

Great video of the Chiang Mai Speed Karts in action from Sacha & Jmayel from 8milesFromHome.com

Directions to Chiang Mai Speed Karts

The Speed karts are just off the Outer ring road "Canal road" 10 minutes from the center of Chiang Mai.

View Chiang Mai Speed Karts in a larger map

Don't forget if you're going to the Chiang Mai Speed Karts also go check out the Chiang Mai Quarry it's only 5 minutes from there.

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