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Marc Gerard Hoy Australian Tourist Dies In Phuket

An Australian Tourist by the name Marc Gerard Hoy jumped to his death in Phuket. The Aussie was first spotted by a receptionist at the Bel Air Resort in the early hours of the morning, he was sitting down on the couch drunk and incoherent. The receptionist asked the man if he wanted a room, he sat down a while longer then got up and filled in his details before going up to his room. But while filling in his details the security guard noticed the man had an knife in his pocket.

After the man checked into his room the security guard who noticed the knife was a little worried as it's not common nor legal for tourists to be carrying around knives so he went go go check on him. The man was it appears out of his mind drunk dancing on the balcony by himself the security guard confided, the security guard also mentioned that he yelled at the man and told him to go into his room, though if you see by the pictures it's a long way down.

Aussie jumps to his death in Phuket

Picture showing the room he was staying in

At about 5:30am a Chinese tour operator signed in some guest and later returned to tell reception that he had found blood in the veranda of the 6th floor. Staff have said that the immediately called police who came to the hotel together with Kusoldharm Rescue Foundation workers and officers from Patong Municipality’s Department of Disaster Protection and Mitigation (DDPM).


Marc it's said on sight of the police and covered in blood began throwing his personal belongings off the balcony along with a key from another hotel he had stayed at the other day. Then Mr Hoy climbed over the balcony ledge and began shuffling in apparently to get a good position to jump. The police and rescue services pleaded with Marc to get off the ledge but he refused, the DDPM then placed a large inflatable mat below in the event that he did jump. About 3 minutes after blowing the inflatable cushion Marc Gerard Hoy leapt to his death missing the cushion obviously but hitting a tin roof before smacking into the cement pavement below, he died instantly.

Evidence of a Man committing suicide in Phuket Thailand

Evidence of a Man committing suicide in Phuket Thailand

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