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Post Offices In Chiang Mai

You might be surprised to learn that some of the so called "Post Offices" in Chiang Mai are actually fake, There must be a dozen around. There not fake that they don't actually send out your mail, but they are fake in the fact that they say they are a Post Office but in actuality they are just taking your mail then going to the post office and sending it themselves often over pricing you on the mail. The most notable one is the one few doors down from Thapae Gate, looks like a post office but it isn't. If you want a real post office check out some from the list below.

Airport Post Office
60 Airport Building, Moo 3, Mahidol Road, Suthep, tel: (053) 277382. 

Changphuak Post Office
132/15-16 Chotana Road, Chang Phuak, tel: (053) 222 483.

Changklan Post Office
186/1, Changklan Road, tel: (053) 273 657.

Post Offices In Chiang Mai

Post Offices In Chiang Mai

Main Post Office
402 Chanachareon Road, Watket, tel: (053) 248 719. 

Maeping Post Office
24 Praisanee Road, Chang Moi, tel: (053) 252 037.

Night Bazaar Post Office (in basement)
104/1 Changklan Road, tel: (053) 252 037

Nonghoi Post Office
302/1 Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, tel: (053) 281 082.

Phrasing Post Office
43 Samlan Road, Prasing, tel: (053) 814 059.

Sripoom Post Office
153-155 Phrapokklao Road, Sripoom, tel: (053) 221 087.

Chiang Mai University Post Office
239 Moo1, HauyKeaw Road, Suthep, tel: (053) 221 805

City Hall Post Office
City Hall, Chotana Road, Chang Phuak, tel: (053) 222 195

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