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Sex in Philippines

I just finished watching this documentary about sex in the Philippines focus on Angeles City which if you didn't know is the Sex Tourist capital of the Philippines. The documentary is years old but since I just saw it you it's possible many of you havn't either. The docco is at least interesting even from the disturbing commentary from the feminist interns who know think they know it all. Having no real interest in the Philippines at all and from what I saw in this video doesn't make me feel like getting on a plane to get there anytime soon either.
Sex in Philippines
The documentary about selling sex in Philippines starts out with a the comment "I share a sense of shame being a white man where white men do nothing but buy bodies of young women." and later from this guy where he says that a 70 year old walking down the street with a 20 year old has lost all sense of morals. This guy is a total tool and that 70 year old is my idol, so forget that guy and check out blowjob alley and the virgin testing clinic!

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Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

7 Responses to Sex in Philippines

  1. jack September 22, 2014 at 12:18 pm #

    The world needs more do gooders dont it. I couldnt watch it after the filmmaker ( who no doubt had sex with children during the production) decided to burn the old guy. Its funny how these movies never mention the girl who has 3 foreign husbands owns a condo in Bangkok, 150 rai and on it built a mansion for herself the parent s and grandparents. Or the sucker who gets wiped out by these women and then tries out flying.
    Suppose I better face it. All the worlds ills are the white cunts fault.

    • Chris September 22, 2014 at 1:47 pm #

      I’ve got to agree with you. The Casas where the sex slaves reside are frequented not by the tourists but by the locals. Are tourists taking advantage? Sure, but when I see shoes 50% off I’d take advantage of that too 😉

  2. James September 22, 2014 at 1:46 pm #

    Jack, it’s not as simple as that. Many of these women do indeed have very little options. How do you suppose the girl Mila could provide enough for her family back home when there are so many mouths to feed? More of the issue is the Catholics ridiculous take on contraception (lack of) which creates so many babies in these poor communities that they cannot support. I just don’t think the issue is all black and white and the characters portrayed in this documentary were very different from some working girls in Thailand who can speak english well, present well and could be working in tourism or a hotel but choose the easy and big money by selling their bodies.

  3. jake September 23, 2014 at 12:50 pm #

    good god, with all the white knights white knighting all over the lands.

    positive news is that it’s just a circle jerk among fat feminist whales and their cuckold whitey knightey husbands. nobody else gives a shit. it’s like a documentary about how lifting weights is bad, and how jumping out of planes is bad, and everything else that some people do, and others whine and complain about.

    also, whitey knighteys are bound become those dudes on stickmanbkk with their sob stories about being broke and homeless after their bar-wife ditched them.

    • Chris September 23, 2014 at 4:19 pm #

      whitey knighteys lol love that mate well said!

  4. euro-dude September 27, 2014 at 3:26 am #

    Famous Swiss investor & financial sage Marc Faber lives much of the time in Chiang Mai, and occasionally alludes to his sex-and-party life when giving interviews. Marc once said something like, he was tempted by the Philippines as well as Thailand, except the Pinays (Filipinas) had a worse and deeper ‘bullshit’ level. Am not sure exactly what he meant, or if I would agree.

    It often does seem to come down to who you meet personally. But in general, it does seem true that girls from anywhere in south-east Asia, are the most special in the world. Ladies from Thailand – Philippines – Indonesia – Malaysia – Vietnam, have all at times been heaven to me.

    Many if not most of them, have a deeply-rooted ability to treat a guy as if he is gold, at least part of the time giving themselves totally to him. This is true even of the ones scamming for money and manipulating etc … they still have that ability to make you feel in heaven while part of your wallet is lifted. They know from girlhood how to be angels and can’t shake that even while scheming.

    Have thought for some years about why this is true, and maybe it is this – All the Southeast Asian cultures, were at one time Hindu cultures, a religion that spread not by conquest but because people liked what they heard and saw from traders. Some aspects of Hindu culture deeply permeated SouthEast Asia and remain there today, and this is what we are experiencing in these southeast Asian girls – the ancient, partly-obscured Hinduism of sexual and personal devotion.

    Classical Hinduism was the most vibrantly sexual of religions – you know the Kama Sutra, but have you seen the erotic temple sculptures of Khajuraho? – where sexuality itself was a route to God.

    A big aspect of ancient, impressively tolerant Hindu culture is ‘devotion’ as a way to the divine – There are many ways, and many gods, we are free to choose to follow … and since we are all in part God, you can meet God by being sexually and otherwise devoted to a mate you love. The devotion route to the divine is explicit in the great short Bhagavad-Gita, still a beautiful spiritual book today (although a tale of a warrior talking to God who turns out to be his chariot-driver, the Gita is wonderfully without the brutal barbarism found in the one-god-only-or-die, genocide-of-women-and-children, penis-foreskin-chopping, eternal-hell Bible, or the Qur’an).

    All Southeast Asian regions, aside from the Hindu remnant in Bali Indonesia, now have different dominant religions – Buddhism (an outcrop of Hinduism), or the conquest-religions Islam and Christianity from the Middle East Desert Bloc … but the ancient Hinduism of sexual devotion, today is what we experience very concretely, in these petite southeast Asian beauties. The biggest Hindu temple in the world ever built, was made by the Khmers in Cambodia (Angkor Wat).

    Modern India has had their classic Hinduism ravaged by 1200 years of Muslim-Christian occupations, and girls of today’s India tend not to be so eager for foreign men (seeing them as less devoted and faithful). But that ‘devotion’ aspect clearly is there as well, as a babe from India might show you if you are very lucky.

    In classical Hindu terms, when you are with a girl who treats you heavenly, you are meeting God. I do not disagree. It is part of modern life, we often have been refracted into multiple relationships … we have lost some of our ability to easily live in full ‘mutual devotion’ … but with Southeast Asian girls we can experience the joy of devotion on every level … and one also finds, it enhances the erotic when we try to return devotion, even in the midst of all our wild moments (yes, even with two girls, kink & the rest).

  5. Simon September 27, 2014 at 11:20 pm #

    Prostitution isn’t a problem, its simply a symptom… of poverty.

    In general just an option to earn some cash. Heard of these raids to ‘save’ prostitutes, and all the girls did was run as fast as they could to the next brothel to ask for a job, because its how they earn money-

    When a person is forced against her will, locked in a room etc. is a very different story- and I have no sympathy for the men that visit those places, or those that put them there

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