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Shopping for a girl friend in Thailand

Disclaimer: This is actually a guest post but the Author wishes to remain anonymous so I'm publishing it under my name.


What are you really looking for though? Of course they have to be beautiful, sexy and then there is presentation and personality. You need to find someone who is easily approachable, wants to talks to you and in an uncrowded nice environment.

Yeah right, the space station?

Now if you were looking for a really hot chick, I mean absolutely stunning where would you go or where would you look? Or where would you think to look? Someone you no for sure is not on the game.

First thought a model, yeah! Beautiful, sexy, where are you going to find her hang around the modelling agencies? Idea where do the celeb girls go out what are the good night clubs. So you find out all these places find your ideal “Model” but guess what there are 20 other guys thinking just like you. Come to think of it Guys, look at those catwalk girls with expressionless faces or photo shopped teenagers in magazines…..NO personality and frankly you have bugger all chance of getting in there pants anyway!!!! Unless there on the game, that becomes expensive and it’s a one nighter anyway.

thai girls and shopping for them

So where do you if you go if you want something nice, where there are loads of girls, there are some nice things and some quiet places and it really doesn't cost you anything? Well not a fortune anyway.

Think about it the Department Store, Mall etc, not just anyone but a good one, expensive, trendy, even touristy. You're thinking why it busy, people walking around everywhere, i mean after all they are there to shop right. Not find a boyfriend who may be sitting in Macca’s.

Everything you can possibly want is right there waiting for you, but you can’t just walk into a Sexy pick shop and get take out can you! There are groups of girls walking around together, to hard, there are no lonesome girls leaning against the pole in the aircon waiting for some guy just to walk up and start talking to them. No girls sitting on a bench eagerly waiting for their prince charming to come along and talk to them. So why here?

Whats the point where are you going to look? You need to find a girl on her own who is approachable wants to talk to you is in a great environment and don’t forget our main criteria here, beautiful, sexy, presentable, has a personality and is definitely not on the game. Think where and which companies employ the most beautiful Girls to sell their products whom have all the right qualities that we are looking for? Now here is the secret. This has been handed down from my great grandfather to my father who passed it on to me. He could never figure out why his mate back in the 1940’s always had the hottest chicks. He asked “Where do you find all these women”. He simply replied “The cosmetics counters at the department stores”. I mean it is so obvious isn’t it? They are good looking, they smell nice, they have to have a personality, there in sales after all. What company trying to sell beauty would put some old hag behind the counter? I suppose Chanel 5 would.

So lets go shopping for girls, I mean face it there are not many blokes walking around looking for perfumes or cosmetics so your chances are pretty good. If there are any they are usually with their woman anyway. Recon Mission first. Recon the counters, you are a potential customer after all, so are they. Make a note of smiles you get, give a few smiles back. Take your time on this look for the obvious hair flicks, good eye contact and so on. Do it a second time see if you get the same reactions. Make mental notes and select your potential targets. Then go in for a tester. Don’t go for the 10 first,. You need to hone your skills. After all you are on a mission.

Now what you really need to know if these girls have a boyfriend a husband even gay or maybe even into everything!

What are you going to say? “WOW you smell good” What perfume are you wearing, wanna go out with me?” TWAT!!

It’s up to the individual. My usual tactic is walk around look for the signs, go around again “The Recon” make my mental notes for my best prospects then go in for a tester. Rember most of these girls speak English, very good English I might add, it also works in almost any country. Also these girls are in sales so they are going to speak to you first, now how often does that happen? “May I help you” is most common, if they don’t talk first, they either don’t speak English (negative) are shy (positive) or so far up themselves they are not worth it.

So where to start and what to say “My” usual speal. is something like “I am looking for some perfume, I have been walking all around the place and can’t decide…” Then I drop the BOMB “You’re a nice looking girl what does your boyfriend buy for you? Well it’s the only way to find out if she is single or not isn’t it. She is either going to “he buys me”…. Or …I don’t have a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend etc. How easy is that? If you get a negative answer, make your excuse and move on you have previously done you’re recon so move on to the next one.

The rest is up to you lads, stay chat for a while, talk about what perfumes she likes, does she like her job etc. If you're starting to get on well ask her to lunch (Dinner is a bit much at this stage) the rest is up to you. I mean this is so easy and so obvious I am surprised there isn't a bar in the middle of every cosmetics department store full of Guy gawking at chicks. The most important thing!! These are classy women (mostly),make sure you present yourself well. Be well groomed and well dressed. Don’t rock up in shorts T-shirt and flip flops. Speak nicely, don’t snob them off if you get a negative response. Make a polite excuse and move on. Trust me guys i have tried this all over the world and it works. I have had a few setbacks, but it’s all part of life isn't. Go try it sometime. One hint Tuesday mornings are the best.

Happy Hunting.

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5 Responses to Shopping for a girl friend in Thailand

  1. Bob belcher November 23, 2013 at 5:04 am #

    Good advice. Would love to see some spy camera footage of this tenique in action.

  2. Mark S November 23, 2013 at 5:24 am #

    I would maybe change the opening line to “I’m looking for some perfume for my mother / sister” because otherwise she’ll think you’re shopping for your girlfriend.

    That could work in your favor as we all know girls are more attracted to guys who already have girlfriends but some girls will think because you have a gf you’re off limits.

    Good strategy though.

    • Chris November 23, 2013 at 6:06 am #

      Have to agree with your last point. I find it way easier to find a Gik if I’m already in a relationship

  3. vincent January 4, 2014 at 2:12 pm #

    Never ask a girl if she have a boyfriend : she will tell you soon enought about it if you really need to know it.

    • Derek August 5, 2015 at 7:36 pm #

      A girl will always say she has a boyfriend even if she does n’t. It is up to you to persevere!

      If a Chick says she doe sn’t have a boyfriend take it as a clear sign of interest. She may very well have a bf but wants an upgrade so lie’s to you!

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