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How to download Movies with Bittorrents

Not everyone has heard of Bitttorrents and since I've reactivated the Thai Girl of the week email which includes a section on the latest movie and links to download the Bittorrent these are therefore the instructions on how to download the movies to your computer. What you thought was difficult should now be made easy.

Step 1. Download the Bittorrent software

I recommend you get the Bittorrent Plus software which includes Anti-Virus software, better safe than sorry!


Step 2. Find a torrent for download

There are many different sites you can download torrents from, I use ThePirateBay.com simply because that's the first site I went to but feel free to leave other sites in the comment section where you can search for torrents. Before you download always read the details clearly as I've downloaded countless of foreign language soundtracks without reading them first! This was a waste in time as downloads can often take several hours (from within Thailand at least).


Another site which has less ads and easy to use is YIFY Torrents


Step 3. Downloading the files

To begin downloading you must get the .torrent download file, this step should take less than 5 seconds after clicking the link. If your Bittorrent software doesn't open simply click on the .torrent file in the Bittorrent software and it should begin downloading. Downloading can take some time. If you are downloading a series there are multiple files, because of the way Bittorrents work you will have to wait until the entire download completes before watching any of the files.

Step 4. Watching the movie

Once the files are downloaded you should be able to browse to the download folder easily located in the Bittorrent software open and view on your computer or transfer to a USB thumb drive which if you have a newer TV should slot right into the TV or you can by a cheap $50 DVD player which typically has a USB drive that can connect to your TV.

Mind you this is not the only torrent software or the only torrent download sites. If you'd like to add your own information or have any questions please use the comments section below.

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