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Short Time and curtain Hotels In Thailand

Until I'd been to Thailand I'd never heard of a short time hotel before in fact it wasn't until a friend told me about them that i knew what to call them, you see in Thai they call it a curtain hotel. The curtain hotel is the name because almost all of them have a curtain that is drawn after you drive in.

A short time hotel is exactly as the name describes, used for only a short time is typically located on the outskirts of the city and almost always on the inside of a a soi (Thai alleyway). Prices vary from 99 baht an hour up to 280 baht per hour. You can also get short time hotels in Thailand by the night though typically once you walk into your hotel room your not really supposed to come out unless your going to leave, you also don't get a key to the room as well so leaving is also difficult unless you are checking out.

Amazingly short time hotels aren't really for the tourists but enjoyed predominately by Thai's. A short time hotel is somewhere you can take a girlfriend, mia noi, or woman procured from an establishment offering girls for rent by the the hour. Since most Thais live with family getting private time with the loved one is difficult so this kind of business thrives.

Almost all of the short-time hotels have a tv showing porn movies, shower bath, mostly always the rooms are themed, some short time hotels go all out including spa baths and saunas. Sometimes i'll just go with my girlfriend for something exciting to do.

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