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Using Thai songs to help you learn Thai

Learning Thai can be extremely rewarding whether you live in Thailand or not. But Thai like any other language requires time and effort to make it happen it won't happen overnight. What helped me a lot when learning Thai was Thai songs.

Now I know many of you probably arn't that wrapped about Thai pop songs but it's import to learn at least one song. Why?

  • There will be a time when you will have to sing a Thai song. You might be somewhere where they have a backyard karaoke.
  • Your at a Thai nightclub and they are playing the latest songs you'll feel better about your night out if you know at least one of the songs.
  • It impresses Thai people especially the chicks if you can sing a Thai song
  • It improves your Thai language ability
  • It helps you with the tones because the song forces you to sing

You may already know a Thai song and that's great, but if you don't you need to learn one. The first song I ever learned was Mai Dtai Rork Ter. It's a song by Loso a very famous band in Thailand, now the song is probably 20 years old but nearly every Thai knows it and it's on every karaoke system in the country so it's a good one to learn. The song is also easy to sing because it's slow and very acoustic. Even if you don't speak Thai you can still sing this song. I learned the song before I even understood what it meant. Which is OK because when I started learning the words I'd always go back to the song and understand it a bit more which is why I didn't add the translation.

If you want to learn a different song that's cool, doesn't matter what song you pick make sure it's not too fast. Good luck and hope this helps.

โลโซ - ไม่ตายหรอกเธอ MP3 download for Loso Song)

ศิลปิน : โลโซ
อัลบั้ม :
เพลง : ไม่ตายหรอกเธอ

อย่าได้ไหม อย่าทำให้ฉัน เข้าใจผิด
Ya Dai Mai Ya Tham Hai Chan Khao Chai Phit
อย่าทำให้คิด ให้คิดว่ามีใจให้
Ya Tham Hai Khit Hai Khit Wa Mi Chai Hai
อย่าบอกกับฉัน ว่าเธอรัก ได้โปรดอย่าหลอก ว่ายังมีใจ
Ya Bok Kap Chan Wa Thoe Rak Dai Prot Ya Lok Wa Yang Mi Chai
อย่าเลย ไม่อยากรับฟัง
Ya Loei Mai Yak Rap Fang

โปรดอย่าถาม ว่าฉันนั้นคิด อะไรอยู่
Prot Ya Tham Wa Chan Nan Khit A Rai Yu
ไม่อยากให้รู้ ว่าฉันกำลังทำใจ
Mai Yak Hai Ru Wa Chan Kam Lang Tham Chai
แต่อยากให้รู้ สักนิด แค่อยากจะบอก ว่าฉันเสียใจ
Tae Yak Hai Ru Sak Nit Khae Yak Cha Bok Wa Chan Sia Chai
ที่เธอมีใคร เธอปิดบังฉัน
Thi Thoe Mi Khrai Thoe Pit Bang Chan

* หลอกให้รัก ให้รออยู่ หลอกให้ฉัน ทุ่มเทหัวใจ
Lok Hai Rak Hai Ro Yu Lok Hai Chan Thum The Hua Chai
ที่เธอทำ ให้รัก รักจนเกิน ถอนตัวถอนใจ
Thi Thoe Tham Hai Rak Rak Chon Koen Thon Tua Thon Chai
แต่ขาดเธอไป ไม่ตายไม่ตาย หรอกเธอ
Tae Khat Thoe Pai Mai Tai Mai Tai Rok Thoe

ก็อยากจะขอ ให้เธอเข้าใจ สักหน่อย
Ko Yak Cha Kho Hai Thoe Khao Chai Sak Noi
สักเพียงน้อย ให้รู้ว่าคนอย่างฉัน
Sak Phiang Noi Hai Ru Wa Khon Yang Chan
ถ้าอยากจะไป ก็เชิญ แต่อย่าให้ฉัน ทนทรมาน
Tha Yak Cha Pai Ko Choen Tae Ya Hai Chan Thon Tho Ra Man
เอาความสงสาร ของเธอ เก็บคืนไป
Ao Khwam Song San Khong Thoe Kep Khuen Pai

(ซ้ำ *)

(ซ้ำ *)

แค่ขาดเธอไป ไม่ตายไม่ตาย หรอกเธอ
Khae Khat Thoe Pai Mai Tai Mai Tai Rok Thoe

I'm still learning Thai songs, mostly because when I go out I always hear them and it makes my night out more fun if I can sing along to the songs, you know how Thai pubs are like they always have a band playing the latest tunes so learning them makes the night fun as well as a learning experience. I never study Thai anymore I'm kinda over it after 2 years of study but learning songs is actually fun. Here's a song that is big right now that took me a few days to learn, the guy sings 90 words in 30 seconds and I wanted to know how to do it so here you go. I can't sing for shite but at least I give it ago.

Well there you go, any of you guys out there found it helped by learning Thai songs?

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2 Responses to Using Thai songs to help you learn Thai

  1. Khun Dee (Dennis) January 24, 2012 at 7:58 am #


    This is excellent, and sucha great idea, I’m going to learn this then impress the ladies, you know that learning some Thai, makes the girls feel like you are trying, and if the Thai girls know or try to know english, then doing the same, will only enhance your experience in Thailand.

    Thanks for the great idea, and for the words spelled out for us.


  2. Bam April 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    Hi CHRIS!

    how are you? I hope you are fine.Today I really enjoyed this article and watched you sing a song again and more…how Farang speak Isaan even I’m not from Isaan. I really like it. Thanks so much!!!

    Take Care Okay!!!

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