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Chivapuri Beach Resort Koh Chang

I've been to Koh Chang once and to be honest I had a terrible time because I was so sick. I at something random at a shop near the wharf as we were waiting, too much garlic I think. Anyway so I'm as sick as a dog on this gorgeous island it was kind of a waste. I'd love to go back sometime and when I saw that the Chivapuri Beach Resort in Koh Chang recently it re-sparked my interest.

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If your looking for a beach resort style vacation then the Chivapuri Beach resort is affordable and looks fantastic. Just looking at the pictures I can see myself sitting on one of those armchairs splashing in the pool.

Koh Chang is a bit over an hour away from Pattaya you can take the bus there but a taxi will get you there way faster depends on your budget really. I personally find it hard to get into the groove of an island retreat especially coming out of some place as crazy as Pattaya. It's all the adrenaline I think needs to subside so staying here for 1 or 2 nights isn't enough to come away from your island getaway feeling fresh you need 4 or 5 nights to get the maximum effect.

For availability pricing and more information about this hotel Click Here -->>

The Chivapuri Beach Resort has it's own private beach and since this is a new hotel (about a year) there shouldn't be too many people wondering around it did get a 4 star rating even has free WiFi both in the rooms and public areas which is a must when I travel.

Probably the best part about this hotel is the price. You can stay at the Chivapuri Beach Resort Koh Chang for $100 a night with the current promotion and that's a real steal for what you get. A bungalow on a private beach on Koh Chang Island and your going to feel extremely comfortable.

Chivapuri Beach Resort Koh Chang Thailand

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2 Responses to Chivapuri Beach Resort Koh Chang

  1. Neale January 27, 2012 at 1:05 am #

    I was trying to get my head around where Koh Chang is, now I see. The place looks awesome, and a steal at the price “by western standards” I have to continually slap my self to not fall in to the way of a lot of expats and see anything “over $15 a night as expensive” doing so really limit’s all the great things to do in Thailand.

  2. Rob January 28, 2012 at 2:42 am #

    Hey Chris!

    Koh Chang is a good place to recharge and refresh, we get a lot of people here that just need to chill and relax… KC is good for that!

    Since you write about Thailand, drop me a line when next you come down and I will show you a couple of great places… no worries! Thanks though for saying it is a great place! 🙂

    I do the local travel guide here – so hopefully I can help you find a decent restaurant! 🙂

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